Permanent Fix to Cash App Unable to Sign in on this Device Error {Android and iOS}

Cash App which is a financial platform that provides banking services is mostly available for use in the USA and UK although there’s a way to use it outside those countries...

The mobile payment platform in a bid to increase security will tend to block your devices from accessing an account by showing a “can’t sign in on this device” error especially when you’re not in any of the authorized countries.

The reason for this is because of the high increase of scams due to users creating and closing Cashapp accounts in different countries with stolen details for scam purposes most especially Android Users.

The reason for this error hasn’t been unveiled as CashApp will advise you to update the app and try signing in again to no avail (from experience).

Well, shiver no more as I’ll show you the proven method with which I used in signing in my CashApp on my Android device without hassles, the step also works for iOS devices.

Although, in the below steps; I’ll refer you to the exact tools I used in fixing the CashApp sign-in error, for instance, I used express VPN for my connection – you can try using windscribe VPN free subscription – who knows? It might work.

There are also some changes to put in place on your Android or iOS devices to enable you to sign in to CashApp without seeing the unable to sign in error, we’ll list them out below.

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Requirements to fix CashApp unable to sign in on this device.

  • A valid VPN e.g Express VPN
  • If you’re in an unauthorized country, remove your sim and make use of a WiFi connection, they’ll likely detect your country network.
  • Set your time zone to Los Angeles, CA time | Date and time > select time zone > Region to USA and  Time Zone to LOS ANGELES (GMT -7:00)
  • change iPhone location to Los Angeles too
  • Now, go on Erase app data when you click on cashapp on the settings of your iPhone apps > Click on Advanced, then Erase app data on the next launch
  • The same step above applies to Android users. 

That’s all you need to set on your device, then proceed to CashApp to sign in with your details... Follow the below details as we sign in to our CashApp with the above settings.

How to Sign in to CashApp on your Devices.

  1. Make sure your CashApp is updated, launch it
  2. Input either your email address or the phone number associated with your CashApp account.
  3. Input the 6-digit code sent to your email or phone
  4. This is usually the moment you’ll see the unable go sign on this device error for Android users but it should pass if you’ve followed the above step appropriately.
  5. Now, input your Cash Pin to Continue
  6. This is usually where you’ll see the unable to sign on this device error for iOS users but it should go through if you’ve followed the above steps properly.
  7. Next, you’ll be sent a code to complete your login
  8. Click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the CashApp app.
  9. Lastly, you’ll see the “Welcome to CashApp” notification... Click “CONTINUE” to go to your account dashboard.

That’s it.

You should be signed in to your CashApp account without hassles after trying the above steps.

And if by any chance you didn't get any of the above steps as illustrated, kindly drop a comment below and we’ll follow you up.

You can also contact CashApp for more information from your cash app account.

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