How to Deregister iMessage from your Phone Number

If you switched your device from an iPhone to a non-apple device then it’s required that you deregister iMessage from your phone number to stop iMessages from coming in thereby switching to normal text messages. 

Remember if you don’t do these, people will still be able to send you iMessage chats thinking you’re still on the platform but you’ll never get any of these messages. 

And since the iMessage feature is only available for iOS devices then disabling your phone number from the platform after an OS change is the best option. Apple calls this process as Deregistering of Turning off iMessage. 

Also, by default, you’re required to deactivate your iMessage before giving away your iPhone device but we might forget in most cases. 

Never worry since this article will teach you how to deregister your iMessage from your phone number with your iPhone and without an iPhone device online. 

Once the iMessage feature is deregistered, users will only be able to send you regular text messages. 

Without wasting much time, let me show you how to unlink or deregister your phone number from iMessage  

How long does it take to Deregister iMessage 

It usually takes instantly but in a few cases, it might take hours for apple to identify a deactivated phone number. 

How to Unlink my Phone Number from iMessage 

As I said earlier, the default Deregistering process requires that you’re still in possession of your Apple device. So, if this is the case then you can follow the below guide. 

Also, unlinking your phone number to iMessage will make other iPhone users unable to reach you on Facetime through that number. It’ll always revert with an unavailable prompt. 

You can also decide to take this step if you aren’t cool with the apple features and would love to use the default apps as your communication services. 

Remember your activated SIM card is required to be in your iPhone device for the deregistration to work. 

  1. Input the SIM into your device. 
  2. Open the Settings App 
  3. Scroll down and tap on Messages 
  4. Click on Send and Receive 
  5. Toggle the phone number you'll like to unlink the iMessage option to switch it off. Active numbers should be represented with a checkmark. 
  6. Tap on Remove

Upon hitting the remove button you should receive a warning message that the number wouldn’t be available for Facetime and iMessage options anymore. 

You can also choose to deactivate the message function to disable all apple communication services on Apple devices. 

  • Opening the settings app > Messages > Toggle it OFF
  • Now, go back to settings > Facetime > Switch it OFF

However, if you don’t have access to your iPhone device you can also deregister your phone number online via the Apple support page. 

How to Deregister Phone Number from iMessage Online 

Unlinking your number from iMessage online doesn’t necessarily need you to be in possession of an Apple device but just a working device and a valid internet connection. 

  1. Open Apple deregister iMessage page on your PC or Android device 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “No longer have your iPhone?” option which was put in place for those who aren’t in possession of their iPhone devices. 
  3. Next, input your phone number with its country code 
  4. You should get a 6-digit confirmation code. 
  5. Input the code on the page and click on Submit. 

Your phone number will be deregistered on the iMessage platform and you should be able to receive normal text messages. 

Also, remember I said in some cases it might take longer for Apple to discover that a number have been removed from their communication services. 

Does Unlinking iMessage Delete old messages? 

No, it doesn’t. But you won’t be able to receive new messages from the iMessage except via normal text messages. 

iMessage or Normal Text? 

This option depends on preference, if you have a clique where everyone makes use of an Apple device then you can opt-in for the iMessage option but if you’re with persons who don’t use Apple products then it’s recommended to go for the normal text option. 


Deregistering your phone number from iMessage is something that’s required especially when you’re making a move. So as to be able to receive text messages from Apple users. 

Also, it’ll be almost impossible for you to unlink your number if you’re not in possession of it except if you go through an iPhone device that it has already been registered on. 

Now that you’ve known how to Deregister your iMessage offline and online, I’ll like to hear from hearing if it works perfectly for you. 

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