How to Share Multiple Private YouTube videos

If you’d like to share multiple private YouTube videos at once to selected individuals then you’re on the right page.

Setting video visibility to private makes the video content only visible to invited emails and thus even users with the link will see a “video is private” notice when trying to access it.

You can invite as many as 50 emails or people to view a particular private video and selected persons must be signed into their correct Gmail account to access the video(s).
That’s time-consuming, right?

Well, how about a case where you’d like to share multiple private videos to selected individuals without manually typing their mail into the invitees’ box?

We have a simple guide on how to go around that, although there is just one disadvantage attached to it, however, it works perfectly well.

How do I give access to all private videos on YouTube?

Using your PC, locate the video in YouTube studio and click on share privately under the private section and input the emails you’ll like to give access to the video content.

But you’ve to do this one at a time for all videos which could be time-consuming depending on the number of videos.

As we all know you can either set video privacy to:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Unlisted

Using unlisted video privacy is the key to sharing multiple YouTube videos.
Your unlisted videos won’t show on your YouTube channel nor will they show on YouTube search but users with unauthorized access to the link can share to another public channel.

Demerit of Unlisted Video Privacy.

The only disadvantage is that anyone with the link can access the video content without restrictions, so it’s advisable to watch to who you give the link.

How to Share a Large Number of Private YouTube Videos?

Now, let’s see how to go about this,

  1. Login to your Google account, go to your channel page and click on “Manage Videos” to be redirected to YouTube Studio
  2. Navigate to content and mark as many playlists or videos you’ll like to set to unlisted.
  3. Click on Edit and select Visibility from the drop-down menu
  4. Under the Visibility section, select “Unlisted” from the options
  5. on the “Save” or “Update Videos” box.
  6. Next, copy the link and share it with anyone you’ll like to view the video content.

That’s it.

You now successfully shared multiple private YouTube videos but be careful not to allow the link to get into the wrong hands.


Can you share a Private YouTube Playlist?

No, you have to either change the playlist privacy to Published or Unlisted then you can generate a link to send to selected individuals to allow them to collaborate and add to the playlist.

How Many users can I share private videos with?

Maximum of 50 users, a video uploader can choose up to 50 persons to view a private YouTube video.

Can I share a Public YouTube Playlist?

Yes, change the playlist visibility to unlisted and share the link to collaborators, the playlist nor the videos won’t appear in the YouTube search.

What is the Difference between Private and Unlisted Playlist or Video on YouTube?

Private contents can only be accessed by invited persons via email, having access to the link doesn’t change anything but an unlisted video can be accessed by anyone with the link to the YouTube video or playlist.

But for both, the contents won’t show on the channels dashboard or YouTube search.

You can learn more about youtube privacy settings.

How many users can view an Unlisted Video?

No limits, anyone with the link to the video content can access it without restrictions except visibility is changed to private.

That’s all needed to know about public, private and unlisted video visibility on YouTube.

I hope with these few guides you’ve been able to successfully share multiple private YouTube videos without having to type emails into the invitees’ box.

Also, do well to drop any suggestions on how we can share a YouTube video in private.
Kindly share and drop a comment below.

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