NFT Art Generator: How to Create NFT Arts for Free [No Code]

If you are looking for a free NFT art Generator to draw your nft arts for free without code? Then here is the perfect guide for you.

Asides from being able to mint or sell your NFTs, it’s also relevant you know how to create realistic and catchy arts that’ll be worth purchasing.

Let’s recall, NFTs are unique digital assets, including photos or video clips, that are represented by code on a decentralized digital ledger called a blockchain.

Although, we can’t deny the use of real-life images from camera shots or videos, what if you want to create a new collection with new items that are based on imagination?

Here’s where you’ll need an NFT art Generator to enable you to create the perfect art for free.

It’s also not advisable to scrape another person’s NFT as you the market place reserve the right to delete the artwork or ban your account if necessary.

In brief, let’s show you the best NFT generator software to make NFT creation easier.

What Software Does NFT Artists Use?

  1. Krista
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Fotor
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. NFT Creator
  6. Corel Painter
  7. SketchAr
  8. GoArt
  9. Nifty Ink
  10. VoxEdits

Above of some of the best handpicked nft art Generator software that usually comes in handy when creating NFT arts.

Now, let’s highlight some basic issues to look out for while choosing software to work with to create ease and speed.

Problem to check before Choosing a Software

  • Compatibility with laptop

Do well to check if the NFT maker software is compatible with your current laptop to prevent lagging or incompatibility with some of its features e.g 3D animations.

  • Precisions

The ability for the software to show little details in a clearer form allows you to work with precision.

  • Meets editing needs

Look out if the tools have the required manipulations and features that are required to attain a required need.

  • Tools and Templates

A tool is considered perfect if it contains tools, templates or samples with which you can see work with to make your nft edits easier and faster.

  • Watermark Issues

Also, check if the NFT editing software doesn’t autosave your artworks with its watermark until you upgrade to a paid version. Doing this saves you from wasting your time on the app.

Best NFT Generator Softwares: Explained

Krita is one of the best open-source with multiple features that you can rely on to create your NFT art. You can create illustrations, comics, animations, storyboards e.t.c

The best part of this app is that it works totally for free helping you create digital paintings and artworks which you can mint and sell in any marketplace of your choice.

Adobe Photoshop is a well-known app that helps in creating nice artworks and arts with its multiple features.

Having mastery of the Photoshop app is a plus for you as you’ll be able to create animations with it.

As you can see, NFT art creation is easy, simply master Adobe Photoshop and upgrade to its paid plan to access all of its features.

Fotor which is an AI art Generator software allows you to create NFTs by uploading your image and videos. It has also added an NFT generator to its features.

You can also decide to edit your NFT online by simply clicking on the NFT Creator – Turn your Arts into Extraordinary NFTs tools.

Adobe illustrator help in making a logo, icons, web graphics and a lot more. It works with the Adobe Sensei AI which enables you easily recolour and edit effects.

Although, just like Adobe Photoshop; you’ll need to have mastery of the tool before you can easily navigate around it.

You can go through the videos on their website, and don’t forget to upgrade to a paid plan to get the advantage of the full features.

  • NFT Creator

NFT creator is the secret NFT hack for Apple devices because it allows you to upload your image to it and get the NFT counterpart within minutes.

You can also select your preferred template on the app, be it, doodle, apes, arts e.t.c. it’s available for your iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPods devices.

Although you’ll need to get their subscription ranging from $3.99/week to $49.99/year.

This software is best for professional work. It comes with customizable brushes, tools and top templates for your designs.

Certain AI also works for hand in hand to make your design perfect, the app is also compatible with your Mac and Windows devices.

But it comes with a yearly subscription fee of $235.66.

Best for converting artworks into nft arts. It helps you convert your image or photos directly into NFT at no cost.

It also allows other creators to give feedback on your Art after which they’ll feature the best one to commend the creator.

As I said earlier, it’s totally free but has limited templates to choose from.

Help in converting photos to NFT. Works with artistic AI to convert uploaded photos into NFTs but it’s not free, they charge from $1.74 – to $35..41

They’ve even unveiled an NFT function that enables you to mint NFTs without stress.

It also has print support up to 8Mega pixels allowing you to print your NFT arts on clothes, caps and other properties.

This is the best NFT generator software for beginners, it allows web3 artists to create, sell and earn without the NFT techniques.

It is free and available for everyone to use, the only demerit is that it has a poor framework.

Best in modelling, animations and NFT creation. NFTs edited on this tool are called voxel-based NFTs and can be minted on the Sandbox metaverse allowing you to trade $Sand for NFT tokens.

It requires a lot of practice to master all of its amazing features but it does work.

That’s all.

I hope you’ve been able to see the best NFT art Generator software both the paid and the free ones inclusive.


Which is the best and free NFT creator software?

Krita is the best and free software to use while creating NFT arts followed by Adobe Photoshop.

Can Drawing be NFT?

Yes, a drawing can be an NFT.

Can I make NFT on Krita?

Yes, Krista is one of the best open-source drawing software to rely on to create your NFT arts.

Krita Vs Photoshop?

Krita and Photoshop do the same purpose. Krita is good for painting meanwhile Photoshop is mostly good for making digital arts.

However, both can be used together to create magic.

How do I turn my Art into NFT?

It’s simple, simply mint them on the OpenSea network, the procedure is known as minting NFTs.

You can check here for a full guide on how to go about it.

How do I Create an NFT without Coding?

Using the NFT art Generator. Simply input your photo(s) into the tool and let the app convert them into NFTs for you. Example: SketchAr, NFT Creator.

Can I make NFTs on my phone?

Yes, the NFT Maker allows you to convert photos to NFTs on your Apple devices without hassles.

How do I create an NFT image?

Using the NFT Creator, click on import image and edit to specifications and finally your NFT artwork.


As you can see, using the right tool you can quickly generate artworks using the NFT art Generator software on your mobile or computer devices.

You can also learn more about getting verified on the OpenSea marketplace here.

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