How to Know if Someone Declined Your Friend Request on Facebook

If you sent someone a friend request on Facebook and would like to know if your request was declined then you're on the right page.

The Meta owned app doesn't inform users of a declined or deleted request but you'll surely get a notification when someone accepts your friend request.

Well, there are many reasons why someone might choose to either ignore decline or accept your friend's request which may not be limited to: 

  • Familiarity with the individual, 
  • A feud between both of you, 
  • They didn't notice your friend request,
  • The recipient hasn't been active for some time,
  • You aren't in the same field as they are, He doesn't want you on his list and so on.

Whatever the reasons might be, here's a quick guide to knowing if someone declined your friend request on Facebook.

How do I know if someone Ignored my friend request on Facebook?

The steps to identifying an ignored friend request might differ from PC to Mobile but you'll get the same request for both, let's quickly check them out.


  1. Login to your Facebook ( on your PC
  2. Click on Friends
  3. Then click Friend Requests
  4. Finally, Hit the "View Sent Requests" to display a list of all your friend request that has been ignored.
  5. You can then choose to cancel or hold on a bit longer if you recently sent the request.

For mobile devices, 

  1. Simply go login to your Facebook on your Facebook app 
  2. Click on Friends
  3. Then click Requests
  4. Click on the 3-vertical  dots to display the "View Sent Request" option
  5. Finally, Hit the "View Sent Requests" to display a list of all your friend request that has been ignored.

How to Tell If Someone Declines/Delete Your Friend Request

Since the above guide tell us if someone ignored our Facebook friend requests, let's see how to tell when our friend request is declined or deleted in other words "Rejected"

👉 Firstly, Open the Facebook app or Facebook web on your device

👉 You have to know the username of the person you sent a friend request initially, Search for it using the search box

👉 Once you get to their profile you should either see a "Message", "Follow", "Add Friend" or "Cancel your friend request".

👉 If you see a "Follow" or "Add Friend" button then he/she must have definitely declined your friend request, meanwhile, if the reverse is the case it's either your request has been accepted or should wait some more.

Do Deleted  Friend Requests Automatically Becomes followers?

Yes, all ignored or deleted friend requests will automatically become your followers. You can also use the block button if you don want a follow from the individual either.

How long does a Friend Request last on Facebook?

14 days, Facebook is working on a new feature that allows friend requests to expire once they reach 14days of no response, but as of the time of posting; a Facebook friend request doesn't expire but can be deleted, accepted or ignored.

How do I Replace Add Friend to Follow button?

You can follow this page to learn how to remove the add friend button on your profile, replacing it with a follow button.

Can you see Denied Friend Requests?

No, Facebook doesn't have the feature yet but you can view ignored and deleted Facebook friend requests using the above guide.

What happens when I cancel a Friend Request?

The request will disappear from the end of the recipient and even if they click on a link from their mail to approve it, it would tell them the request is no longer valid.


I hope with this brief article you should be able to know if someone declines your friend request on Facebook. Do well to leave a comment if you get stuck in the process.

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