AirPods Pro Falling Out of Ears? Try these Free Solutions

Keeping your AirPods Pro from falling out of your ears may not be easy as you think but with these solutions, you should be able to keep your Airpods Pro in place. 

Airpods Pro are one of Apple's best products which helps produce better music sound quality but one of the demerits that comes with these Airpods is that - they might not fit into the ear thereby constantly falling out of your ears.

It wouldn’t be nice finding out you lost a pair of your Airpods Pro while jogging, running or communicating with friends. Funny enough, no matter how you pay attention to when your Airpods fall out of your ear we sometimes get distracted and won’t notice when they slip off. 

Luckily, there are many fixes you can try to keep your Airpods Pro from falling out of your ear while running, jogging, sweating, and even commuting. 

Reasons why Airpods Pro fall out of Ears 

If you’re Airpods pro keeps falling out of your ears at intervals, well, here’s a list of reasons why Airpods keep falling out. 

1. Airpods Pro is made of silicon Plastic 

When the ear wax touches the tip of the Airpods which are made of silicon Plastic then they’ll serve as a lubricant between the two surfaces thereby causing the Airpods to slip out of your ear at intervals. 

2. Wrong Fit

If your AirPods pro is too big or small for your ear then you’re bound to always encounter issues with fitting the Airpods into your ears. 

This is because each individual has a unique ear shape and size. Also, your Airpods Pro might fit better on the right ear than on the left. 

3. Wrong Placement

Also, it might be that you are wearing your Airpods wrongly causing them to slip off at any slight movement. 

4. Sweating

Using your Airpods Pro while working in a heated environment can cause you to sweat in the ear thereby reducing friction between the two surfaces. 

Also, other factors might cause you to sweat profusely thereby causing the Airpods pro to lose balance in your ears. 

5. Movement

Movement can also cause your Airpods to fall off your ears especially when they don’t grip your ears before now. 

Movements such as using your Airpods Pro on a bike, running, stunts and other motion that introduces excess force or air to the ears. 

6. External Forces

Your AirPods Pro might be the perfect fit for your ear but it’s been constantly hit out by external forces. In some cases, a twig might grab your Airpods Pro while working in a bush part; you might also hit your Airpods while running and the likes. 

Most times, these forces may even go as far as causing harm to your Airpods due to the force exerted on them. 

Now that you’ve seen some of the possible reasons why your Airpods Pro fall out of your ears, let’s teach you some tips for getting your Airpods to stay in your ear better. 

How to Keep Airpods Pro from Falling Out 

There are countless ways to stop your Airpods from falling out of your ears and were going to take a look at as many as we can to give you the best result. 

Clean your Ear or Airpods Pro from Oil or Sweat 

Having water or excess oil in your ear due to sweating in your ear can cause your Airpods to slip out of your ear. 

So, do well to clean your Airpods tip and ear for any oil or sweat deposit and try checking it out again. 

You can further migrate to a well-ventilated environment to save unnecessary stress of having to push in your Airpods Pro at intervals. 

Make sure you’re wearing them Correctly 

If you don’t wear your Airpods pro to fit your ear then it’ll constantly fall off from your ear with any small movement. 

You can check up on some guides on how to wear your Airpods pro correctly and see if that resolves the problem. 

Flip your Airpods Pro sideways or upside down 

If wearing your Airpods downward doesn’t work out for you due to ear size differences then you can try wearing them upside down or sideward. 

This might work for some persons helping them wedge the Airpods more tightly to their ear. 

Also, note changing the position of your Airpods will divert the microphone away from your mouth, so a recipient might have difficulty hearing you during a call. 

Try a Different Ear Tips

Your Airpods pro comes with a set of custom silicone ear tips from which you can make a selection. So, you can try each one of them to find the one that best fits your ear. 

A recommended tip you can use for your Airpods pro is the Memory foam tips. Unlike the silicon material, Memory foam tips mould themselves to take onto the shape of the ear proving a better balance in the ear canal. 

To switch your Airpods Pro ear tips to memory foam then follow the below guide 

  1.  Remove the silicon tips by gently dragging them out. 
  2. Choose a new memory foam ear tips for your Airpods Pro 
  3. Push the memory foam tips into your Airpods until they fit in 

You can now plug the Airpods pro into your ear and start enjoying your Airpods without worrying about them falling off your ear. 

Attach Ear Hooks to your Airpods Pro 

 Ear hooks provide additional grip to your Airpods pro thereby making it firm to your ears. They hang over your ears. You can purchase Airpods ear hooks from any online retailer close to you. 

Use AirPods Pro cover 

These Airpods covers are used to provide additional friction between the two surfaces thereby increasing friction. Although it is available for Airpods 1 and Airpods 2 by default, you can also get one for your Airpods pro to enhance comfort. 

Use Water Proof Tapes 

This is a DIY technique that requires you to cut small pieces of waterproof tape and fix them to the top and bottom of your Airpods Pro to keep your Airpods stable in your ears. 

  • Simply cut out a couple of dots from the waterproof tape 
  • Place one below and above the black dot sender on your Airpods pro. 

That’s it. 

Try using your Airpods Pro once more and see if it fits into your ear without slipping off. 

That’s all on how to stop your Airpods from falling out of your ears while running; when sweating or working. 

Which Airpods stay in Ear Better?

Personally, I think the normal Airpods 1 and Airpods 2 were built by Apple with 90% of its customers in mind so it tends to fit into every person’s ear without stress. 

That doesn’t mean that some users don’t encounter difficulty using them but it’s hard to see a complaint about Airpods falling out of the ear. 

The unveiling of Airpods Pro was a dream come true as it’s everything a user wants to get a perfect sound experience but it has once the demerit of falling out of the ear occasionally. 


If your AirPods Pro do fall out of your ears due to any reasons then you can stop it from falling out using any of the above guides. 

Once achieved, you don’t have to worry about running, jogging, sweating, commuting or even dancing with your Airpods Pro in your ears. 

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