How to Block Someone on Cash App: Complete Guide

Do you know that you can block someone on Cash App? making the person unable to send you payments or requests in the future.

Cash App as a financial institution has made this available to users who might want to block potential scammers or avoid unnecessary payment requests from anyone. 

While this is a good idea, most scammers mostly utilize this feature once they’ve scammed you of your hard-earned money, so you can’t reach out to them afterwards. 

Nevertheless, since you’re on this page, let me show you how to block someone on cash app in minutes and also stop receiving further payment requests from unknown accounts. 

Well, here's a detailed guide on how to block a user from sending money to you or making payment requests on the cash app.

What Happens if I Block Someone on Cash App? 

Blocking someone on cash app works just the same way WhatsApp or Instagram block works. The only thing that will happen is that the person will not be able to see your tag when trying to make a payment to you. 

Once he’s about to make a payment or send a payment request to your account, your account won’t show up on his account. 

So he’d be left to think your account has been flagged or figure out he’s been blocked. 

Also, there are persons who just wake up and start sending payment requests to random $cashtags, if you don’t want to be hit by these requests then you should consider turning off the request payment feature. 

How to Block Someone on Cash App 

Back to the basics, in order to be able to block someone on cash app, then you both should have a history together. 

Like, you or the person should have sent each other payments or payment requests on the cash app before now. If there’s no payment history then you’ll be limited to blocking payment requests. 

  1. Login to Cash App 
  2. Locate a transaction or  payment request from the particular cash app account (or tap on his profile icon from your most recent senders) 
  3. Now, Click on the 3 dots on the upper right-hand side 
  4. Select “Block this Person” from the option. 

You can also unblock the person using this exact procedure and they’ll be able to find your account on the cash app. 

How to Block Incoming Requests on Cash App 

If you received a lot of spam payment requests from different unknown accounts then you can curb that by blocking incoming requests to your cash app account or better still limit requests to only your contacts. 

Limiting incoming requests to your contact will help you decipher if it’s a cousin or niece that’s sending you payment requests other than a total stranger. 

Nevertheless, let’s proceed with turning off Incoming Requests on our account. 

  1. Open the cash app and click on your profile icon 
  2. Click on Privacy and Security from the options 
  3. Under Requests, you can decide to Toggle OFF the Incoming Requests button 

That’s it. 

You can also allow only your contact to request money from you which means you’ll have to turn on the “Sync contacts” toggle to enable the cash app easily locate your new contacts and protect you from spam and scam. 

Can I Block Merchants on Cash App? 

Yes, it’s possible to block merchants you’ve had a previous transaction with. 

If you don’t want your cash card to be used for payment by a particular merchant then you can reach out to cash app support from your profile and they’ll attend to your blocking request. 

You can also decide to unblock them in the future by simply reaching out to cash app support. 

How to Clear My Cash App Account History 

While it sounds achievable, it’s not possible to clear your cash app history because it’s a financial institution that needs to keep a record of your monetary transactions. 

Just the same way you can’t walk into chase bank or wells Fargo and request them to remove a transaction because it’ll alter your statement. 

But the only thing you can do is to close your cash app account and reopen a fresh one which will come with a fresh history. 


Blocking someone on the cash app is something that’s mandatory especially if we notice our account is running the risk of being spammed with unnecessary payment requests from unknown cash app users. 

You can also turn off Incoming Requests on cash app to save you the stress of declining requests and also blocking the account. 

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