Fix Payment Was Already Claimed on Cash App

One of the issues most cash app users face when using the app for receiving payment is the payment was already claimed by another user notice. Well, let me explain all you need to know about this error to you. 

Cashapp is a financial service platform just like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and the rest which allows you to send, save, spend and invest your money easily. 

It’s fast, efficient and safe to use but most times you might encounter issues such as an already claimed payment which can be resolved after reading this article. 

Since we all know that a Cash app payment can either be received using the $cashtag, email address or phone number linked to your address. 

Here are some of the factors that might cause a payment to be received by a third party. 

  • Sending to the wrong Source: – This can be caused when a sender makes payment to the wrong cash app details. 
  • Compromised Details: – If you sent a payment to your email which has been compromised then you stand a chance of losing the funds if you’re not fast in accepting it. 
  • Sharing a link to Untrusted Persons: – A payment link shouldn’t be forwarded to Untrusted Persons except in rare cases where you’d want to gift the person. 

Why is my Payment Link saying it has Already been Claimed? 

Here are the vast reasons why a CashApp payment could be redeemed by another cash app account. 

This issue is majorly faced by those who don’t have a CashApp account or those who have unlinked the sent Details (phone number or email) from their Cash App account. Thereby having to accept the payment via a link sent to their SMS or email inbox.

It could be easier for unlinked detail to accept payment but for someone who doesn’t have a Cash App account yet; before you can possibly provide your name, SSN and DOB for registration, a hacker would have gotten hold of the link and accepted the payment to their CashApp account. 

So, the most recommended time to receive a payment on the cash app is when your account has been fully set up to avoid stories that touch the heart. 

How to Resolve this Cash App Payment has Already been Claimed 

The gospel truth is that once a payment has been claimed to another cash app account you can’t recover it except in rare cases where the payment fails and then you’ll ask the initial sender to resend the correct details. 

You might not notice this error if you already have a CashApp account with a unique $cashtag but if you sent an email or phone number that hasn’t been linked to your account then you may encounter it. 

Notwithstanding, let’s take a look at ways we can avoid a CashApp payment that has been paid notice. 

1. Cross-check your Phone Number or email address 

As I said earlier, this issue is encountered mostly amongst those who use unlinked details to receive payment. Any omission in the mail or phone number will cause both parties to lose funds. 

So, make sure your details are correct and up-to-date before forwarding them to the sender. 

2. Change the Password to your details

This is most common with email addresses, make sure you monitor who has access to your inbox to reduce the risk of your CashApp payments being stolen. 

You can consider changing your passwords and adding two-factor authentication to your email addresses. 

3. Monitor who has access to Your Phone 

If you’re the type that gives your device to anyone that comes around then you might be in danger of risking your unclaimed cash app funds. 

Theft can be carried out even by your trusted ones, so make sure to put a security lock on your device or best of all restrict unauthorized access to your device. 

4. Avoid sharing Payment links

If you’re confused about how to go about claiming your CashApp payment then you can use the Google search or better still contact CashApp for assistance. 

Don’t share the link to anyone even when the person is trying to show you how to claim your payment, well, except you trust that person. 

5. Ask the sender to Cancel the Payment 

This is only valid when the payment is sent to a non-existing email address, or phone number then the sender can actually cancel the payment and resend the correct information.

This can also be possible if the recipient hasn't accepted the payment on his end.

6. Ask the Sender to check the status of the Payment 

In rare cases, a cash App payment might fail due to security reasons and the money will be reversed to the sender’s account. 

So, let the sender check if the payment status is either Failed or Completed. If it’s failed then the money should appear in his balance. 

How Do I get a refund if I was scammed on Cash App? 

Getting a refund is at the mercy of the recipient but you can go ahead and request a refund. 

  1. Go to your Cash App account activity > select the transaction you want to dispute 
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right-hand side 
  3. Select Dispute this transaction or Request a refund under CashApp help and support 

That’s it.

Although, personally I think the best way to get a refund from a Cash App payment is by making the payment from your bank or debit card. You can then visit the bank and Dispute the transaction if you feel it’s a scam.

Your banking institution will report to Cash App and they’ll critically look into the transaction while taking legal actions, but be rest assured of a 75% refund rate.

On the other hand, payments sent from your Cash App balance can’t be recovered except if it’s mistakenly sent to a trustworthy individual.

What’s the fix to you may need more action to Accept this payment on Cash App? 

Most times your payments might not go straight to the completed status and will require more information for you to receive the payment.

In this case, all you need to do is log in to your CashApp account and accept the payment. You can learn more about fixing more information required to accept this payment on Cash App here.


Cash App is the no.1 when it comes to managing your finance from the comfort of your device, although, you may encounter some errors such as those discussed in this post.

Don’t fret, just follow the instructions above and you won’t have to worry about a missing Cash App payment anymore.

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