Why is Cash App not Working on my Phone

Frequent Cash App users might have noticed a connection issue when trying to either login or accept payments. These glitches are sometimes from the Cashapp server while other times it’s from us. 

If the Cash app isn’t working on your phone then try some of these troubleshooting methods to get back to the Cash app.

Why is Cash App not signing in on my Device? 

The cash app Unable to sign in to this device error is a different issue on its own since it’s mostly encountered when you’re trying to sign in to your CashApp account from an unauthorized country. 

And even when you bypass this error and sign in to a device, you might encounter failed payments due to location changes too. 

We’ve already discussed how to fix this error in another article - Permanent Fix to Cash App Unable to Sign in on this Device Error

However, if CashApp isn’t working at all on your device then you should check out the below fixes. 

Reasons why Cash App isn’t working on your Phone 

  • Network issues

When your internet or WiFi connection bar is weak and can’t connect to services like cash app and the rest then expect your CashApp transactions to freeze till the proper connection is restored to your device. 

  • Outdated Cash App version 

Updates are released to fix glitches on a particular app, so, it’s expected of you to download the newer version of an app to avoid experiencing malfunctioning. 

  • Maximum number of logged device

Cash App allows a maximum of 4 devices to log in to a CashApp account at a time, so once you’ve reached this threshold then expect errors when trying to sign in to a new device. 

  • OS glitch

At times a glitch can cause the cash app to malfunction or not respond at all when you try to open it. 

  • CashApp Network Server 

As I said earlier, some issues might not be from you but from Cashapp end. You can check the cash app status if it’s unavailable for everyone or just for you.

How to Fix Cash App not working on my Phone 

Check your Internet Connection 

If you’re in a case where your network signal is weak then you should try connecting to a strong WiFi connection and former respectively. 

You can also turn airplane mode On and then OFF to improve your network signal if you’re on using a cellular data connection. 

Login using Desktop 

If login in on your phone proved abortive then try signing in through the desktop version of Cashapp and see if it works. 

Visit Cash App on your desktop and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your sign-in. 

Update your Cash App App 

If you don’t have a PC close by then visit the app store or Google play store and check if there’s a new update for the Cash App. 

Download it and see if it’ll work on your device this time. 

Logout Cash App from a device 

There could be a possibility that you’ve reached the maximum number of devices you can sign in to a cash app on. 

Simply locate any of those devices and click on sign out to make space for your new phone.  

You can also check if you can remove a device from settings > devices and then remove any device you don’t recognise. 

Fix OS Glitch 

In this case, all this is required is to simply reboot your device and check if CashApp can now work on your phone. 

If the issue persists then you should check if there’s an OS update for your device and install it. CashApp should start working after this. 

Cash App Update or Network Server 

CashApp on its end might be experiencing an update or server issue, so if this is the case then you should simply wait for the update or upgrade to be finished before you try to sign in on your device. 

It shouldn’t take up to 24 hours but in some cases, it might take longer depending on how complex the issue is. 

Clear Cash App Data and Cache 

Clearing the cache and data of the cash app will reset the app to default settings and make it look anew. So, anything that has been set on it will be deleted. 

Once you’ve cleared its data, try opening the cash app on your device once more. 

How do I get my Old Cash App Account to Work on my Phone 

If it’s been a long you’ve used the Cash App app and you’ve forgotten your $cashtag or £cashtag and password then you can follow the below guide to get back into your account. 

  1. Get the phone number and email address attached to the account 
  2. Click on forgot password and you’ll be sent a verification code to reset your cash app password 
  3. Input the code and CONTINUE 
  4. Follow the on-screen prompt to select a new password to get into your account. 

You might also be asked for your Cash pin if you ever set it up on your account, you can contact CashApp if you forgot your cash pin and you’ll be asked few questions to recover it. 

That's it. 


Cash App is one of the leading finance apps to use when it comes to sending and receiving payments in the US and UK. 

If you’re wondering why the Cash App isn’t working on your phone then the article has given you a clue and a fix. 

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