How to Fix Cash App Balance not Updating

This article will show you what to do if your CashApp balance is not updating after adding cash to your Cash app account.

If you’re wondering why your cash app balance hasn’t updated after adding cash from a source then here are some of the reasons. 

You might have encountered some issues while using Cashapp such as being unable to sign in on this device error and the likes but not seeing a payment you added to your cash app account hits different. 

These are some of the issues that might cause a delay in the balance update 

  • Funding Source – Adding money from a merchant usually takes instantly to reflect but in some cases where there’s a security trigger; it takes longer. 
  • Cellular network – At times a slow connection might cause a decline in the rate at which CashApp balance updates. 
  • CashApp Server – At times the problem might not be from your end as there are times you’ll see a transaction but it won’t reflect in your balance, simply give it some time and your balance will be updated. 
  • Wrong Payment Details – There might have been a mistake in either the phone number, email address or the $cashtag and as such the payment will never get to you. At times you might never get the money back. 

How long does it take for Money to Show up in CashApp? 

Although, funds been sent from Banks or another CashApp account are usually updated within 0 – 30mins or in most cases funding from banks or other merchants might take up to 1 – 3 working days (72 hours) to reflect. 

So, it’s advised to stay in touch with the funding source till everything is completed on your cash app. 

How to fix CashApp Balance not Updating

The steps to troubleshoot this problem is the same for either the desktop or mobile version of the Cash App. 

Check your funding Source 

If you’re funding your CashApp account from your bank, direct deposit or tax refunds and it’s taking longer to show completed then you should contact your source. 

Banks in some cases will delay payments for up to 3 working days while other sources may take 1to 5 business days depending on when it’s submitted. 

At times all you need is patience and your funds will be updated in your balance. 

Refresh CashApp

If you’re on the mobile version you can refresh CashApp by Signing in to your account and gliding down your activity feed and watching out for your payment to be updated. 

Meanwhile, web users should simply refresh the page and check for the transaction in question. 

Check your Internet Connection 

Your internet connection plays a very important role in getting you the updated transactions on your CashApp account. If your signal is poor then you should try connecting to a WiFi network and refresh your CashApp. 

You can also try tuning the mobile data ON and OFF

Try Sending Funds to the other CashApp 

This usually comes in handy for failed payments but it should also work out if the CashApp network Is bad. 

If the payment is from another CashApp account, then try sending $1 CashApp funds to the sender to create a connection between both accounts. 

CashApp Network/Server 

In this case, you don’t need to do anything as it’ll be rectified in no time. Ever seen a payment in your transaction log but the money isn’t reflected in your CashApp balance? Don’t fret, give it some time. 

Check Payment Details. 

We all know that you can only send a payment on CashApp using either the email address, phone number or $cashtag/£cashtag. 

So, a slight mistake in any of these details might lead to a lost payment and you might never get a refund even if you request for a refund. 

Contact CashApp Support 

If your CashApp payment has shown completed but not received for more than 5 working days then you should contact CashApp to know the reason for the delay. 

 That’s all. 

You can also try logging out of your account and then login back in but that’s optional. Do well to also check your attached email for new payments. 

FAQs on Cash App Payments

How long does CashApp take to Resolve Issues? 

When you submit a support ticket to CashApp, it usually takes 1 – 5 business days to get a response and fix from them except in rare cases where your request requires patience. You can also decide to call CashApp at 1-800-969-1940. 

Why is my CashApp Payment Pending for so long? 

Although, CashApp payments reflect instantly; If you received a payment and it’s in a pending state then CashApp requires additional information on your end to accept the payment. 

All you have to do is click on the transaction and click on accept and follow the steps outlined to complete the payment. 

While in some cases, all you have to do is wait for the payment to be processed by the funding source and made available in your CashApp balance. 

Can a Pending CashApp Payment be Cancelled? 

Yes, as long as the recipient hasn’t accepted the payment from their end. It’ll show cancelled when they login to their cash app. 

However, if it has been accepted then all you can do is request a refund which would be at the mercy of the recipient. 


Wondered why your CashApp balance is not updating? Above are the known reasons and proven ways to fix them. 

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