Airpods not Playing Sound? Here is the Fix

If your AirPods are not Playing Sound but it is connected to a device then here are 17 fixes you can use to fix it.

This scenario is often frustrating especially when you want to listen to music, podcast or confidential voice memos using your AirPods.

In some devices, the Sound will come up and stop playing again after some time while the sound will start playing from the device speaker instead of the AirPods.

The majority of Apple, Windows and Android users encounter this Bluetooth connectivity issue once in a while – (This problem requires minor troubleshooting to be fixed).

However, if your AirPods aren’t playing sound then the fault could be from your Bluetooth, volume limit, outdated OS or firmware, or the music app.

I know you are confused about what could be the actual cause of the “no sound” issue but don’t fret as we got you covered.

Let’s show you how to diagnose and fix connected AirPods but no sound issue.

Why are My Airpods not Playing Sound?

Here are a couple of reasons why your AirPods might not transmit audio.

  • Low Volume limit
  • Faulty Bluetooth connectivity
  • Outdated Airpods firmware 
  • Outdated Device OS
  • Glitch from Music App
  • Problematic Automatic ear detection sensors
  • Software glitches
  • Bluetooth Interference

In our previous article on why AirPods keep Pausing, we discussed that a faulty automatic ear detection sensor could stop your AirPods from playing once it thinks your AirPods are no longer in your ears.

It could also make your pods not produce sound if it couldn’t detect that the AirPods are out of their case.

In likewise manner, a faulty Bluetooth connectivity or an Interference could make your AirPods stop playing sounds, among others.

The list is quite self-explanatory, so let’s show you troubleshooting tips to follow if your AirPods are not Playing sound.

How to Fix Airpods not Playing Sound

If your Pods are connected to your device but there’s no audio coming through the AirPods, try any of the below fixes.

1. Turn Volume Up

This might sound unideal but you might forget to turn up the volume on your smartphone which result in you getting little or no sound.

You can proceed to increase your volume using the volume side keys.

2. Increase Volume limit

The volume limit determines how loud your AirPods or speaker will sound.

To increase your volume limit simply go to Settings > Music > Volume limit > Increase the volume to Maximum.

You should now start hearing sounds on your AirPods.

3. Toggle Bluetooth ON and OFF

Another fix to the AirPods not playing sound is by switching the Bluetooth connection On and then turning it off back again.

Switching off your Bluetooth device will reset all glitches encountered by your Bluetooth connection.

4. Unpair and Pair Airpods

This simply involved Forgetting your AirPods device from your device's Bluetooth list and adding it back.

This method seems to have worked perfectly in addressing this issue.

  • Go to settings > Bluetooth > Tap on the “i” icon close to your AirPods to display more information and settings
  • Click on forget device to remove the device.
  • Now, remove and open and add back your AirPods by pairing them again.

This should resolve any audio output problem you might encounter.

5. Disable automatic ear detection

The automatic Ear Detection enables your AirPods to start playing music once it notices that they’re inside your ears.

The features will also pause your music once you remove one Pod from your ear.

You can decide to disable this feature to be sure the problem isn’t from a faulty ear detection sensor.

  • Go to settings
  • Navigate to Bluetooth
  • Click on more information “i” in front of your AirPods
  • Scroll down and toggle off “Automatic ear detection”

If the problem is from a faulty ear detector then it should be resolved.

6. Put Airpods back into Case and Reconnect

This solution is based on a solution from the apple forum, simply insert your AirPods into its case and close the lid.

Open the lid minutes later, connect to your AirPods and try playing music and see if it produces sound.

7. Double Tap the Airpods

In rare cases, the music could be paused and you won’t have the idea.

Double tapping the AirPods will play/pause music, so Double Tap and see if the music starts playing on your AirPods

8. Change the Music player

Music players such as Apple music have their default output source.

You can try switching to another music player or changing the output source from the music app settings.

9. Switch Output device to Airpods

This troubleshooting guide requires you to change the output device to your phone and then back to your AirPods.

You can do that from the lock screen > long-press the music tab and select Airpods as the output device.

You can switch back and forth between both sources until sounds start playing.

10. Reset Airpods

Resetting your AirPods will unpair it from all previously connected devices and could also update its firmware.

You can perform a reset action by tapping and holding on the button at the back of your AirPods until it blinks an amber light 3 times.

This should fix any sound issue encountered by your AirPods.

11. Update Airpods Firmware

Make sure your AirPods are running on the latest firmware.

12. Update your Device OS

Check if your iPhone, Mac or Android device has any pending updating to download.

13. Turn off Bluetooth on previously paired devices

This is very relevant to curb Bluetooth connection Interference whereby multiple devices are trying to connect to an already paired device.

Consider switching off Bluetooth on other close devices (Apple watches, iMac, Windows, Android) and connect on a single device.

This should fix your problem and your AirPods sound should start responding.

14. Forgetting all previously paired devices

Similarly, if multiple audio devices are close to your device then it’s advisable to forget those devices from your Bluetooth list.

This could also cause sound Interference due to various paired devices trying to connect at a time.

You can forget these devices from settings > Bluetooth > locate other devices and forget them all.

The problem should be fixed immediately.

15. Reboot your Device

Rebooting your device is another surest way to fix audio issues. Devices have different ways you can initiate the reboot action.

Once the restart action is complete, try playing sound on connected AirPods.

16. Airpods Replacement and Repair

If your AirPods are often in contact with hard surfaces or objects then you should consider getting a replacement if any of the above doesn’t work for you.

You can get a repair replacement in an apple store closest to you.

17. Contact Apple Support

Your final resort would be to contact Apple Support via their website or local stores close to you.

It could be a hardware or software-aided problem.

That’s it.

Airpods not Playing Sound on Windows 10 Fix

You can fix soundless AirPods on windows 10 by either unpairing and pairing, Rebooting your PC, resetting your Airpods, changing the sound output source to AirPods and increasing volume on your Windows PC.


Above are 17 fixes you can implement if your AirPods are not Playing Sound on your device.

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