How to Fix Snapchat not Sending Snaps

Snapchat allows users to send snaps to one another in form of text, videos, or photos but what do you do if your Snapchat is not sending snaps?

It’s quite frustrating when trying to share an update with a friend on Snapchat and your snaps aren’t delivered to the recipient.

Remember, there are different sharing options while trying to forward a snap. You can either share to other social media platforms or to a friend on the Snapchat app, this article is for those who are having difficulties sharing a snap to their stories or friends.

The quick fixes you can implement to a Snapchat that is not sending snaps are to troubleshoot your internet connection, add the user to your friend list, or check if you haven't been blocked by the recipient.

Continue reading to see reasons why your Snapchat isn’t sending snaps and how to Fix the issue.

Why is My Snapchat not Sending Snaps?

There are some factors that can make your sent snaps fail to deliver,

  1. Trying to send snaps to a blocked contact
  2. No or Poor Internet connection
  3. Enough permission not granted
  4. Snapchat Account banned
  5. Outdated Snapchat App

Unlike other social media platforms where you can send anyone a message request, Snapchat needs that you and the recipient are friends before you can transfer snaps to each other.

This implies that once the person has unfriended or blocked you on the platform, there’s no way to see their handle talk more of sending them snaps.

Also, Snapchat uses an internet connection for certain actions such as sending snaps, backing up images and videos, data synchronization, and the likes.

Having poor internet coverage will affect the rate at which this service is done and sending snaps is one of them.

In another context, Snapchat usually requires that you grant it access to your camera and files so that it can manage contents in your camera roll, failure to grant this access will restrict sharing files outside Snapchat as snaps.

Finally, if your Snapchat Account has been banned probably due to spam or excess block request from multiple users then you’ll find it hard to send snaps.

Highlighted above are the major reasons why your Snapchat isn’t sending snaps. Now, let’s see how to Fix it and get your Snapchat Account to start sending snaps once again.

Snapchat not sending Snaps – 8 Permanent Fixes

Here are some proven solutions to permanently fix a Snapchat Account not sending snaps.

1. Add the Recipient to your friend list

If you’re new to Snapchat, the golden rule on Snapchat requires that you become a mutual friend with someone before you can exchange snaps with them.

If you gave Snapchat access to your contacts then adding mutual Snapchat users can be quite easy.

Simply navigate to your Snapchat app > Go to the Add friends page > Scroll down the find friend page and see if the recipient name is listed there.

Also, you can click on the “All Contacts” option in front of the Quick add menu to synchronize your phone contacts.

Another valid way of getting a recipient's Snapchat handle is by asking them for their snap ID.

2. Confirm if you haven’t been Blocked

If you usually send snaps to a particular user and it stops sending all of a sudden then you need to confirm if you haven’t been blocked.

While the user might also have done a few modifications to his/her account or might have deleted the Snapchat account, it is important to confirm.

Simply scroll through your chats and if you don’t find them in the list, you’ve been blocked or the account deleted.

3. Switch to a stable Internet connection

Having an active or stable Internet connection determines the rate at which snaps are being forwarded between users.

Sending snaps from a location with poor network coverage will likely cause your snaps delivery to delay or not deliver at all.

In this case, you can switch to a WiFi connection or your data connection If you’re already using the former.

You can also toggle on and off your airplane mode to resolve it.

Hopefully, your snaps should start sending once a stable Internet connection is made available.

4. Grant Appropriate Permission to Snapchat

Snapchat asks you to grant it access to your files and storage, Camera and Microphone by default before you can fully use the app.

The camera is for filming your videos and photos, storage and files for modifying them, and accessing previous files in the camera roll and microphone in the case of recording.

Failure to grant the app enough permission will cause you difficulty while using the app.

You can modify this permission by going to your settings > Apps > Snapchat and allowing access to the camera, files, and storage with microphone inclusive.

5. Ban Placed on your Snapchat Account

Snapchat does place bans on Accounts that have been frequently reported for fraudulent acts.

Sending snaps might be one of your ban actions which will take away your ability to send snaps to other users on the app.

The only remedy to this is to refrain from spamming users and use Snapchat right.

6. Update your Snapchat App

If you just got a new device and you find Snapchat pre-installed on it, don’t just start using it like that.

It’s advisable that you wipe its data and then install a new update from the store so it could start functioning properly.

It’s no news that updates are rolled out to fix bugs or glitches in a former variation of an app, you can’t tell if the installed version is problematic.

7. Reboot your Device

If this is a problem with your device then you can consider Rebooting the device and see if the issue resolves itself.

8. Contact Snapchat Support

Another swift way to resolve this issue is by contacting Snapchat support.

It’s quite easier to reach out to Snapchat if you notice any bug or need the assistance of any sort as they respond almost immediately.

  1. Login to your Snapchat account
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on your bitmoji
  3. Scroll down and click on “I need Help” under the support tab
  4. Click on the contact us and follow the prompts to proceed.

You should get a response via email regarding your issue and recommendations on how to resolve it.

That’s it.


Q: Why do my Snaps keep saying sending?

Average or no Internet coverage will keep your snaps at sending until a better internet connection is available to send them.


It’s quite frustrating when your snaps stop sending on Snapchat especially when the only means of communicating with the recipient is from the platform.

You can start by trying the basic troubleshooting guides such as updating the app or Rebooting your device then you can proceed to the tougher ones if the issue persists.

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