iPhone Control Center – How to Block Access to Control Center from the Lock screen

Blocking access to the control centre of your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices from the lock screen is a precaution that every iOS user must take to limit device theft.

The control centre on iPhone is a panel that offers users quick access to minor settings options such as airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, volume, brightness, phone recorder and so on... 

However, the control centre can be accessed by anyone whether the iPhone device is locked or unlocked. 

Phone hijackers and stealers often maximize the use of the control centre to quickly turn on the airplane mode thereby making the phone almost untraceable till they’re done unlocking or jailbreaking. 

Nevertheless, with the iPhone control centre blocked from the locked screen, the theft culprits would find it hard to initiate a reset action or even sell it thereby giving you more time to track your device. 

It’s easier to track an iOS device than an android due to its embedded security system but turning the airplane mode on can further complicate the situation and most times make it unable to track the real-time location of the culprits. 

Without wasting much time, let me show you how to block access to the control centre from the lock screen. 

Advantages of Restricting the Control Center from the Lock screen 

If you need a reason to turn off the control centre from your lock screen then here are some you should consider. 

  1. Limits unauthorized access to your device 
  2. Reduces phone theft 
  3. Makes device tracking easy 
  4. Improved device security 
  5. Eliminates data and information theft etc. 

There’s no disadvantage to turning on this feature, besides the time it might take you to probably unlock your device. Asides from this, you can turn off the control centre and worry less about your phone being stolen. 

Alternatively, you can decide to remove the airplane mood from the control center and leave only relevant shortcuts on the control panel

How to block Control Center Access from the lock screen on iPhone,iPad and iPod touch 

All iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) users should turn off this simple setting on their device as soon as they come across this article. Once your device is stolen then there’ll be no way to do this and your device might not be recovered. 

  1. Open the Settings app on your device 
  2. Navigate to Face ID/Touch ID and Passcode 
  3. Verify your passcode 
  4. Turn OFF Control Centre from the list


Once you’ve disabled the control centre from the lock screen, you or anyone wouldn’t be able to access any function on your iOS device until it’s unlocked.

You can also follow the same illustration to turn it back on when you feel it’s necessary. 

How to Remove Airplane Mood from iPhone Control Centre 

If you’re addicted to the control centre and would love to continue using it, you can consider removing the airplane mode option from the list of included controls. 

This can be achieved from the control centre under the settings app. 

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device 
  • Navigate to Face ID/ Touch ID and passcode 
  • Input your code to authenticate 
  • Click on the Control Center menu 
  • Remove “Airplane Mode” from the included controls by tapping the red minus⛔

The option should move to the more controls tab making it Unavailable in the control centre menus. If possible, remove the data control icon too. 

You can now enjoy your iPhone device without fear of being unable to recover it when it’s stolen or goes missing.

How do I access the Control Center on my iPhone?

Opening and closing the control centre should be a thing of concern to old iPhone users but if you just got a new Apple device and don’t know how to access the control centre, here’s how to go about it. 

Swipe up from the top right corner of your iPhone's screen to open the control centre both when your phone is locked or unlocked. Well, except you’ve to block its access on the lock screen. 

Now, you can either tap on the screen or swipe up from the top left corner of your screen to close the control centre. 


One of the ways of reducing the risk of losing your iPhone device if it goes stolen or missing is by deactivating the control centre options from the lock screen.

Asides from the stealer being unable to use your device, it aids in quicker tracking of your device since the airplane mode option won’t be available without unlocking the device. 

Follow the above guide and switch off the control centre to save your iPhone device from future theft.

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