How to Set Up Homepod Mini or Homepod: Easy Guide

Apple’s Homepod mini speaker would need you to set it up with your iPhone or iPad device before you can start utilizing it.

In this article, I’ll show you how to manually set up a Homepod mini and also how to configure your Homepod mini using your iPhone or iPad device.

It’s necessary to set up your home accessories properly in order to give you total control over them and also help you control who has access to your gadgets – Homepod mini in this case.

Briefly, you can set up your Homepod mini by adding an accessory to the home app after which you’ll be given on-screen instructions to follow to aid you to complete the configuration.

Nevertheless, continue reading to learn the two (manual and automatic) ways you can set up your Homepod or Homepod mini easily.

How to set up HomePod mini with iPhone – Automatic Method

This method is called the automatic method because you don’t need to open any app on your iPhone device. The Homepod mini configuration will automatically come up once both accessories are brought closer to each other.

However, you’ll need to have a stable WiFi connection with a switched-on Bluetooth connection for this automatic set-up to be initiated.

Simply follow the below guide to set up your Homepod mini with an iPhone

  1. Plug your new or factory reset Homepod mini to a power source – a chime sound with a spinning white light should illuminate on top of the Homepod 
  2. Bring your unlocked iPhone or iPad close to the Homepod
  3. A configuration pop-up screen should come up for your Homepod mini – click on the “set up” option 
  4. Next, select the room the accessory will be used frequently and tap on Continue 
  5. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to further select your preference and learn other features of your Homepod mini 
  6. Now, Place your phone camera in the centre of the Homepod mini (to scan the code on the accessory) until you hear a sound. Also, you can decide to enter the passcode manually, Siri will speak a 4 digits code which can be input to continue the set-up.
  7. After inputting the code, wait a few minutes for your Homepod mini to be set up. 
  8. Finally, click Done to a Homepod is ready notification, this implies that your device configuration is complete – You should also get a greeting from Siri on completion. 

Remember to keep your Bluetooth connection active with a stable WiFi connection too to aid in easy Homepod mini set up.

Also, Siri will ask you to repeat some phrases so as to familiarise the Homepod mini with your voice. 

How to Set Up a Homepod Mini Manually – Manual Method 

This should be the best alternative if the set-up screen isn’t displaying after bringing your Homepod and iPhone device together. 

The manual Homepod set-up is quite easy and works perfectly for those who don’t have a code or can’t scan their Homepod mini speaker.

  • Launch an inbuilt app on your iPhone call the Home app – it’s yellow in colour
  • Click the Add (+) sign at the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the “Don’t Have a Code or Cannot Scan” option beneath the options
  • Now, select Homepod as the accessory you want to add 
  • Click on Set Up 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup 

Once your set-up is complete then you can move to transfer your songs from your iPhone to your Homepod. It’s easily achieved using the handoff feature. 

Once the handoff feature is turned on, by just holding your iPhone device close to your Homepod; you can transfer all your songs to it and songs from your Homepod mini to your iPhone.

  1. Open the settings app > General
  2. Click on Airplay and Handoff
  3. Toggle on Transfer to iPhone and Handoff option 

However, this is only achievable if your Apple Music subscription is active.

HomePod mini set up FAQs 

Can you use the HomePod mini as a portable speaker?

Although the Homepod mini uses Bluetooth connectivity, it can’t serve as a Bluetooth device. However, you can connect the mini speaker to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac or Apple TV to use its audio features.

How to Move my Homepod to a New Room

You can assign a Homepod to a different room from the home app. Locate the Homepod under accessories > click on assign a new room > Tap Room and choose a new room.

The accessory will be configured to fit into the room settings as requested.

Can I connect a Homepod to two Homes?

Yes, all the members of a household can utilize one Homepod, however, they’ll have access to control certain features such as turning on lights, playing and pausing music, checking the news or weather forecasts etc. 

The Homepod or Homepod mini supports a maximum of 6 users in a home.

Can Homepod Mini connect to two iPhones? 

A Homepod mini can only connect to a single device at a time. However multiple iOS devices can connect to it for Airplay purposes.

Does Homepod mini have a Homekit code? 

No, the home kit code isn’t necessary for setting up the Homepod mini.

Can I set up the HomePod mini without an iPhone? 

It’s not possible to set up a Homepod mini without an iPhone. It’s necessary to have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch close by before you can successfully configure your Homepod speaker.


Apple’s Homepod mini is one the best when it comes to sound delivery and it’s best recommended for household and indoor use.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up a Homepod mini speaker efficiently. 

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