How to Enable Instant Deposit on Cash App

There’s no greater happiness than transferring funds from your cash app account to a linked debit card or bank and it reflects instantly.

This article will show you how to enable and use instant deposit on your cash app account.

Usually, it will take between 24 hours – 72 hours for a standard transfer to hit your bank account which can be inconvenient for some persons and also depending on the reason why the withdrawal was initiated.

Also, bear in mind that the instant deposit feature can’t be enabled or set up but it’s a money transfer option put in place by cash app. Cash app offers standard and instant deposits.

You can also convert a standard deposit to an instant deposit if you feel it’s taking longer to arrive at your designated bank account or card. However, cash app will charge a 0.5% -1.75% fee with an additional minimum fee of $0.25 for instant deposits.

If you’re comfortable with the attached fees and would still love to enable instant transfer on your cash app then you can continue reading...

How to Enable Instant Deposit on Cash App

Using the instant Deposit is almost the same thing as using the standard transfer, it just depends on selections.

Also, note that not all cards do support instant deposits; so your instant deposit fees might be reversed and the payment will be processed within 1 – 3 working days for free (standard option).

You can enable standard deposit by navigating to the banking sections on the cash app > click on cash out > input the amount > select the instant deposit/transfer option > review the transaction and send it out.

That’s just a breakdown of the whole instant deposit transfer option, now, let’s see it step-by-step process.

  1. Log in to your cash app account
  2. Navigate to the banking section located at the bottom left corner of the screen 
  3. Click on Cash Out button 
  4. Input the amount to cash out 
  5. Select Instant Deposit from the transfer option 
  6. Review the transaction and SEND

That’s it. 

The fund should be available almost immediately in your bank account and should be ready for use. 

Notwithstanding, remember I said some banks don’t support regular instant deposits, so cash app might refund your instant deposit transfers on some occasions for you to process them using the standard Option.

How to Quicken a Standard Deposit to Instant Deposit

It’s possible to increase your cash-out speed by switching a pending standard bank transfer to an instant deposit. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Open your cash app
  • Locate pending Transfers under the activity tab
  • Click on a standard transfer you’ll like to accelerate
  • Click on Deposit Instantly

That’s it. 

Your standard should be processed instantly after you’ve reviewed and approved the charges attached. 

Why is Instant Deposit not Showing up?

As discussed earlier, one of the reasons why cash app will not display the instant deposit is because some banks don’t support frequent Cash app instant deposit transfers and as such cash app will process some of your transfers using the standard Option.

Also, the last time I checked; cash app will only make the instant deposit available to you after processing two or more standard transfers to a particular bank or card. 

So, try initiating more of the free standard deposits and see if the instant deposit will show up. 

Why is my Bank Deposit pending on cash App?

If your bank deposit is pending then you initiated the transfer using the standard transfer option which is free and takes between 24 – 72 hours to be completed. Try using the instant deposit option to get your money faster in your bank account.

Does Instant Deposit arrive Instantly?

Instant deposits arrive almost immediately as they’re sent. Although, your bank network and compatibility with cash app instant transfer network play a great role in how fast you’ll get the deposit. 

In most cases, it might be reversed if your bank doesn’t authorize the cash app sending network. 

That’s it.


Cash app instant deposit is a great way to get money instantly into your bank account especially when you’re short of finance pending that you can pay the fee attached to it.

The standard deposit is another option to resort to if your bank keeps rejecting your instant deposits or better still, you can switch to another bank card.

Nonetheless, here’s the best guide on how to enable instant deposit on your cash app account.

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