How to Fix Tiktok Not Working/Loading (9 Ways)

The TikTok app is prone to stop working or loading due to reasons which can’t be deciphered if you aren’t tech-oriented.

This article will give you detailed reasons why your Tiktok isn’t working and how to make your Tiktok work again on your Android and iPhone devices.

Tiktok is a video streaming platform that allows users to share and host video content while receiving TikTok coins which can be exchanged for monetary value.

Nevertheless, the TikTok app or your device might run into certain glitches that cause your Tiktok app to get stuck on the loading screen or to stop working totally.

One of the reasons why your Tiktok might stop working is a poor internet connection, outdated TikTok app, or low RAM storage amongst others.

Without wasting much time, let’s see possible reasons why your Tiktok app isn’t responding and also fix it.

Why is my Tiktok not Working?

If you’re missing out on entertainment due to the unresponsiveness of your Tiktok app then it could be caused by one or a combination of two of the below reasons.

  1. Poor Internet Connection
  2. Saved Caches
  3. Outdated Tiktok App
  4. Used up RAM
  5. Tiktok Servers
  6. Outdated OS software
  7. Minor OS glitch
  8. Restricted Regions

Also, the above reasons apply to both iPhone and Android users, so you should check if any of the above-listed causes are present on your device.

Now, let’s fix TikTok not working on your devices

How to Fix Tiktok Now Working (9 Fixes) 

Let’s see some fixes we can implement in relation to the above causes that’ll make the TikTok app start working on our various devices.

1. Switch to a better internet connection:

Since the TikTok app uses data to stream its video contents, it’s expected that you have a fast internet connection for a better streaming experience.

You should consider switching to a WiFi connection or using your data connection if you were previously on the former.

Those who frequently attend live streams can attest that the speed of your network determines how fast you’ll be able to earn free coins from the treasure box and also stay updated on the host live.

A poor internet connection can make you lag behind while they might have already discussed pass a particular topic. 

Also, the TikTok app might not load if you don’t have a stable internet connection. You can try turning the airplane mode ON and OFF to reset your internet connection too. 

Clear the Tiktok App Cache or Data:

Clearing the cache of an app will remove any previously saved version of the app either corrupt or valid making it serve you fresh loaded versions from the app.

Android users can clear the cache of any app by going to Settings > Apps > Locate Tiktok from the app list > Storage > Click on Clear Cache. You can also clear cache if you don’t mind signing in to TikTok again.

iPhone users on the other hand can clear the app cache from within the Tiktok app by navigating to their profile > Settings > Privacy and then clear the cache. You can also do that from the settings app. 

Once the TikTok app cache has been cleared, you can try opening it once more and see if it works. 

Update the TikTok App

If you’re running on the previous rolled-out version of the TikTok app then the app might not work or you’ll notice minor glitches while using the app.

As usual, updates are released to address certain features, glitches and bugs found by the app developers, so failure to upgrade to a newer version will put your account at risk or deprive you of the newly implemented features.

Android and iPhone users can navigate to their various application stores and search for the TikTok app after which they’ll click on the update App option if it’s provided. 

Restart the TikTok App

You should consider closing and closing the app if the TikTok app isn’t working after downloading an update. 

You can do so by swiping up to reveal all running apps then you can wipe it off the list and restart it. 

Reboot your device 

Rebooting a device fixes minor glitches which might affect the functionality of an app – TikTok in this case – it also helps clear cache consumed by irrelevant apps. 

Restarting a device varies from the device but I hope I’m not mistaken when I say you should know how to initiate a reboot action. 

Update Device OS 

Tiktok requires a device running on OS 5.0 and up for Android devices, so running the app on an operating system lower than this will also cause the TikTok app to lag. 

Nevertheless, you should check their requirements often as they might increase their OS requirements as new updates are being rolled out often. 

You can check if an update is available for your device from the setting app then download an OS update if there’s any available. 

Try using TikTok Online 

The TikTok app is always available for you to log in and stream videos and perform major tasks such as posting, recharging TikTok balance (selected regions) and interacting with videos.

It has limited features though but you can use it while you wait for the TikTok on your mobile app to be fixed.

Tiktok Servers

Just like cash app servers, TikTok Servers can also be unavailable due to minor upgrades or tests, if this is the case then the problem should affect everyone on the TikTok app. 

You should relax a bit and try accessing the TikTok app some other time. 

Move out of Restricted Regions

It’s no news that countries such as China, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh have permanently banned the use of TikTok in their country meanwhile the United States of America and Indonesia tried banning TikTok years back but failed due to some amendments.

So, if you live in any of the restricted areas then the TikTok app will likely not work for you.

That’s it.

Once you implement all of the above fixes, you should see your Tiktok app responding once more. 


At the time of publication, TikTok is number 1 in social on the play store and app store which implies that most people utilize the app for one reason or the other.

However, if you’re confused about what to do if the TikTok app stops working then we’ve come through with 9 Fixes you should try.

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