How to Fix Cash App Stuck on Loading Screen

Did your cash app get stuck to the loading screen while trying to open it? Let's see possible causes and fixes to the issue.

Cash App is a financial institution that aids in the sending and receiving of money from their app or website. Also, you might encounter issues such as being unable to log in to this account, payment already accepted and other issues you can find here. 

However, there might be a few reasons why your cash App app will get stuck to the loading screen and might even proceed to crash at intervals. 

Why is my Cash App Frozen? 

If this freeze is related to your account and not the CashApp app then according to Cash App policy – Your cash app account can be closed or frozen if they noticed any activity that goes against their term of services. 

Once your account is frozen, you can’t perform any monetary transaction with your account till the investigation is complete (if there’s any going on). Also, you can decide to contact cash app to get details on why your cash app was frozen. 

However, if the freeze you’re talking about is your cash app not loading on Android or iPhone then you possibly need to update your cash app, clear your cache or try some of the troubleshooting guides we’re going to discuss below. 

Why is My Cash App not loading? 

There are several reasons why your cash app will get stuck to the loading screen, most of which aren’t something really serious and can be resolved with just a few clicks. 

Let’s highlight them and look at how to resolve them one after the other. 

  1. Poor Internet Connection 
  2. Outdated Cash App 
  3. Corrupted App Data 
  4. OS glitch 
  5. Invalid VPN connection 
  6. Low Storage 
  7. CashApp Server Down etc.

Either of these should be the reason why your cash App is stuck to the loading screen but there are over 12 things to do when your cash app won’t open and get back to your cash app account. 

How to Resolve Cash App stuck on the Loading Screen 

Check your Internet Connection 

A poor internet connection will not only cause the cash app to be stuck on the loading screen but any other app that needs internet connectivity to run. 

So, it’s advised to check if your internet connection is weak or connect to a Wi-Fi connection(or mobile data) and then try login into your cash app account once more. 

Do well to also avoid connecting to public wi-fi connections to prevent your device from being back. 

Update your Cash App 

Cash App updates are released to fix glitches in previous app bundles but what happens if you’re running on the old version of the Cash app? You’re bound to face errors upon errors until you switch to a stable version of the app. 

You can check and download an update to the cash app from either your play store or app store by searching for the app and clicking on the “Update” button to download and install the latest update for the app. 

Once you’re on the latest version of the Cash app then you can force close the app and try re-opening the app to see its outcome. 

Flush Cash App Cache 

Cache stores temporary settings and data on the phone's storage thereby making reducing load times due to the availability of information but what of a case where your data are cached incorrectly? 

The best thing to do is to clear your cash app cache from the settings > Apps > Cash App > click on Data and Storage 

Click on Clear Cache and proceed to log in to your cash app account once more. 

Clear Cash App Data 

Clearing an app data will make an app look anew as to when you newly installed it to your device thereby removing all login or saved progress on the device. 

If the cache clearing doesn’t fix the problem then clearing cash app data should be the next thing to do. 

  1. Go to your settings  
  2. Navigate to Apps > select cash app 
  3. Click on Data and Storage > Tap on clear Data 

You can then reopen the cash app and try signing in with your account details. This fix has proven to work out most time even with apps other than the Cash App. 

Uninstall and Reinstall the Cash App 

Another quick fix which might resolve the Cash app stuck to the loading screen loop. Simply go to your play store or app store and locate the app. 

Click on the Uninstall button to remove the app from your device and then re-install it after some time. 

Check if the Cash App server Is Down 

Cash App sometimes runs into issues that’ll cause their server to be down and at this time you might not be able to perform tasks as simple as opening their app. 

So, if you've tried the above troubleshooting guides and it proved abortive then you should resort to checking if cash app server status to check if it’s down. 

You can do that by visiting the on your web browser and you’ll find out. 

Restart your Device (Android or iPhone) 

A simple restart action can fix this issue by fixing OS glitches, and clearing clogged ram and processes thereby making space for the cash app to run. 

So, you can try to restart your device and see if it resolved the cash app being stuck on the loading screen. 

Clear Storage Space 

Low memory (such as ROM or RAM) might cause you to encounter difficulties while opening the cash app on your device. So, if you know that you’re device isn’t equipped with much storage capacity you have to clear your storage. 

Do well to check for unwanted files movies, junk files, and apps to get rid of to create space for the cash app to run. 

After making enough memory space available, try launching the app once more and see how it responds. 

Disable or Enable a VPN Connection 

Most times, a VPN does block internet access in order to protect your privacy which is their main job but they might as well stop certain apps from loading properly. 

Also, a VPN might also help if you’re login in from a different location and your cash app got stuck to the loading screen or you’re faced with the unable to sign in error. 

So, you can either disable or Enable a VPN connection and see if your cash app loads perfectly without any delay. 

Check for a device update. 

Some cash app updates do come with device requirements which if your device doesn’t meet up and you’ll likely experience issues while using the previous app. 

So, if this is the case then you’ll need to either get a new device or update your device version to the eligible one. 

You can go to settings >general > click on Software updates to install an update if there’s any. 

Log in to the cash app on the Web  

Another way to try getting into your cash app is by signing in using the Website. Who knows there might be a glitch with their mobile app and there’s no update for it yet? 

Simply navigate to and click on sign in 

Provide your details to log in into your account after you’ve passed all necessary authentications. 

That’s it. 

You should be able to get into your cash app except if there’s a Cash App server outage or there’s a possible issue with your cash app account. 

Contact Cash App support 

If after trying all of the above-mentioned fixes and your cash app is still stuck on the loading screen then you’ll need to contact cash app support to know the main cause of the issues. 

You might be asked to provide information such as your device, location, email address and other details to run a check on your account if it’s beyond a device check. 

You can either contact the cash app via their Twitter handle or via email. You can also decide to chat support on the cash app. 

Beware of scammers too to avoid becoming victim scammers. 

That’s all. 

Can I Close my Cash App and Create a New One? 

Yes, you can decide to delete your cash app account at any time and create it back at any point you decide to go back to the app. 

While you can use the same phone number, and email and also link to the same bank account, you can’t use the same old $cashtag nor will your previous transaction history be restored. 

You’ll be set on a fresh journey with a new CashApp history altogether. 

Can I have 2 Cash App accounts? 

Yes but you can’t link a bank account to two cash app accounts, so you’ll have to create another bank account to link to the other cash app account. 

However, you can carry out the day-to-day sending and receiving duties on your cash app account and also make cryptocurrency exchanges if you’ve verified using your driving licence or state ID. 


The truth remains that no app including the cash app is perfect so you’ll likely run into errors such as being stuck to the loading screen, requiring you to provide more information to accept this payment etc. 

But whatever the case might be, I hope this article has assisted you in fixing the cash app stuck on the loading screen or crashing error on your Android and iPhone devices. 

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