How to Fix Airpods not Connecting to MacBook

Airpods often connect to any devices effortlessly but there are times when you might need to do some troubleshooting.

The Airpods isn’t restricted to just the iPhone, iMac or iPods devices but it can work on Android and even Windows computers, making it a good choice for music and movie streaming.

However, MacBook users often experience issues connecting the Airpods to their device especially when it’s their first time setting up the Airpods with their system.

If you’re a Mac user and you’re reading this article, worry no more as I’ll show you possible reasons and how to fix Airpods failing to connect to your Mac.

Why are my Airpods not Connecting to my MacBook?

Here are possible reasons why your Airpods are having difficulty connecting or joining your MacBook.

  1. Outdated Mac OS
  2. Bluetooth turned OFF on MacBook
  3. Airpods are not in pairing mode 
  4. Dead Airpods 
  5. Mac OS glitch  

These are some of the notable causes why your Airpods connection to your MacBook will fail.

Now, let’s see how to fix them and make your Airpods start connecting to your MacBook once more.

A permanent fix to Airpods not Connecting to Mac

You can implement any of the below fixes to resolve the connectivity issue between your MacBook and your Airpods.

Turn ON your MacBook Bluetooth

Since connectivity is established wirelessly between the Airpods and your Mac using Bluetooth technology, it’s necessary to make sure your Mac Bluetooth connectivity is switched on.

Turning on Bluetooth on your Mac device is as simple as doing it on a device, click on the Apple logo > navigate to system preferences > click on Bluetooth and turn it on.

You don’t need to worry about the discoverability (visible to nearby devices) of the device since it can be discovered by default except in a case where you made changes to the settings.

You can now try connecting to your Airpods once more and see if it goes through.

Update your MacBook Laptop

It’s also important to note that a connection can only be established with a MacBook Laptop running on the newest OS. You can check if there’s an update for your Mac PC by navigating to “About this Mac” and clicking on a software update to download any available updates 

Put your AirPods into Pairing Mode

This is essential for those whose Airpods aren’t connected to their iCloud. The Bluetooth pairing mode helps your Airpods become visible to nearby Bluetooth devices helping them connect easily.

Put your AirPods into the charging case > Raise the lid > search for the device on your Mac and see if it comes up.

You can now try connecting your MacBook to it once more and see if it works.

Pair both devices Manually

If you’re still finding it hard paring or connecting to your Airpods automatically with the charging lid open, then you can try pairing both devices Manually from the Bluetooth settings.

On your Mac > Navigate to System preference > Bluetooth and then pair your Airpods.

You can now try pairing the device once more

Delete and Pair the Airpods Again

In a case where your Airpods are already paired; you should consider deleting and pairing the device once more.

You can do this from the Bluetooth option effortlessly.

Charge the Airpods or their Charging Case

It’s almost impossible to connect to a dead Airpods, just as it’s impossible to use your MacBook when the battery is fast.

Try recharging the Airpods or its case by connecting it to a power source for a given period. 

Set Airpods as the Output Device

If you’re connected to more than one device then you’ll need to select the Airpods to be your output device to be able to receive sound from it.

Under the system preferences,> navigate to sound > Select your Airpods as the output source.

This solution is for those who’ve successfully connected their Airpods to their Mac but can’t get any sound from it.

Disconnect Mac from another Device

At times, when you’re connected to another Bluetooth device on your MacBook; you’ll need to first disconnect from them before you can connect to another.

This can be achieved from the Bluetooth option > select any connected device and click on disconnect or better still, switch off the device.

Now try connecting to your Airpods and it should be successful.

Disconnect Airpods from Another Device

The same applies to your Airpods, if it’s already in use by another device, then you’ve to disconnect and leave it in pairing mode for it to be discovered or connected to.

Restart your MacBook

As listed earlier, an OS glitch might be the cause of the trouble experienced while trying to connect your Airpods to your Mac PC.

If you’ve tried connecting to no avail then you should try rebooting your Mac Laptop and see if it gets fixed.

You can initiate a restart action by clicking on the Apple logo that’s located at the top right corner of your MacBook.

Reset your Airpods

There’s a button located at the back of your Airpods that helps you perform a quick reset.

Firstly,  Put your Airpods into the charging case > Raise the lid > and press the setup button located at the back until it starts to blink white.

That’s it.

Clean Airpods and its Case of Moisture

The presence of moisture on or in the Airpods or its case can affect functionalities such as charging, Airpods falling out of the ears, hardware issues and the likes.

It’s best to wipe the Airpods case clean and also prevent moisture from touching it too frequently.

Repair or Replace your Airpods

If you’re still unable to connect your Airpods to your MacBook after trying all of the above-mentioned fixes then you should try repairing or replacing your Airpods.

You can take the Airpods back to the Apple store or visit the apple website to get a repair, replacement or phone support.

Can I connect two Airpods to one MacBook?

Yes, connecting two Airpods to a MacBook is very valid but you can only use the Airpods at a time.

However, Samsung allows you to connect to two devices using the must-share feature.


Connecting your Airpods to your MacBook is the real deal, especially while working. However, you might encounter connectivity issues which might hinder you from using your Airpods.

Nevertheless, this article has provided you with 11 ways to fix your Airpods not Connecting to your MacBook.

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