Why do my Airpods Keep Pausing? 14 Quick Fixes

Here’s a complete guide on what to do if your AirPods keep Pausing your music.

Whenever your AirPods start interrupting your music then there’s a minor glitch that needs to be addressed.

This might be from the Bluetooth connection, AirPods battery, or misconfiguration on the double tab and automatic ear detection settings.

Whatever the case may be, your AirPods Pausing at intervals isn’t a major problem and could be fixed in no time.

Without wasting much time, let’s review the causes and fixes to apply if your AirPods keep Pausing.

Why Do My Airpods Keep Pausing?

There are multiple reasons why your AirPods will frequently pause while making use of it.

1. Far-range Bluetooth connection

This is frequently encountered when your walk about 30 to 60 feet away from your paired device or AirPods.

The music or video will pause at intervals showing that there’s an object obstructing the flow of signal.

2. Faulty Ear detection sensors

Automatic ear detection is a feature in iPhone devices that makes music start playing once AirPods come in contact with the ears.

So, if your music frequently stops while the AirPods are still in your ears then the sensors are problematic.

3 Removing one Pod

In relation to the automatic ear detection sensors, the sensor will pause your music once it notices that one Pod has been removed.

This is a feature enabled by the AirPods proximity sensor but can be disabled from the settings.

4. Bluetooth connection

If there’s an issue with the Bluetooth app on your device then you might encounter stuttering on your AirPods.

This issue isn’t common but it is also encountered when Bluetooth is having conflict while trying to connect to two audio devices at a time.

The best way to resolve this is by unpairing and pairing your AirPods back to your device.

5. Internet Connection

We shouldn’t neglect the fact that you might be streaming content online with a poor internet connection and blame the frequent Pausing on your AirPods.

Do well to switch to a stable Internet connection or better still find a good WiFi connection to join.

6. Faulty Airpods Hardware

In one of our articles on why one ear of your AirPods is louder than the other, we discussed that the Presence of fluids and frequent falling of AirPods to hard surfaces can damage your AirPods.

If your AirPods fall to the ground on a regular then there could have been some connection bridge that’ll trigger the double tap (pause) action.

7. Low Battery on Airpods

If your AirPods battery is running low then you’ll notice frequent pauses in your media to notify you of the low battery.

How to Stop Airpods Keep Pausing

Application of one or more of the above will permanently fix your AirPods from frequent pausing.

1. Charge Airpods Battery: 

If your AirPods are frequently pausing due to battery low then it is advised you put it into the charging case to recharge it.

You can also connect the case to an electricity source if it is low.

2. Unpair and Pair Airpods

If the problem persists after charging your AirPods then you should consider removing the AirPods from the Bluetooth list and adding it back.

This can be done by pressing and holding down the Bluetooth icon from the control center, then clicking on the “i” button closing the AirPods, and then removing it.

3. Disable the automatic Ear Detection Sensor

If this sensor is faulty then you’ll still run into this issue even after trying the above fixes.

You’ve to make sure your AirPods are connected to your iPhone device before you can disable the ear detection sensors.

  • Go to settings > Bluetooth
  • Locate the Apple AirPods and tap the “i” icon next to it.
  • Turn the “Automatic Ear Detection” option OFF

You can now try using your AirPods and see if the frequent Pausing has been fixed.

4. Check your Double Tap Settings

Most AirPods sets the double tap action to pause a playing media, however, you can decide to reset it on your iPhone device.

Simply navigate to settings > Bluetooth > locate the Bluetooth device and click on the “i” icon next to it.

Now, you can decide the action you want the double tap action to perform on your left and right AirPods.

However, this can’t be done on an android device.

However, you should try not to press your AirPods to your skin to prevent your music from pausing.

5. Removing one Pod

If the automatic Ear Detection feature is still active then your music will automatically pause when you remove a pod from your ear.

This is put in place to help your AirPods last longer and also in case of emergency.

However, you can disable the automatic Ear detection feature from the Bluetooth settings.

6. Decrease Bluetooth Range

If you’re going too far away from your paired device or AirPods then you should try reducing the distance.

You can still disconnect totally from the device and reconnect when you’re closer to your AirPods.

7. Fix Damaged AirPods

If your AirPods are faulty due to frequent falling to the ground then you should take them to apple support or a renowned mobile technician close to you for quick repair.

8. Use a different App

The problem doesn’t only lie in our AirPods, it could be from your choice of streaming app.

Most music streaming apps have the long audio focus turned on which will set a pause on the change of audio from another app or game.

Some streaming apps will give you the option to turn it off while others will set it by default.

You can try other streaming platforms and see if your music is still been paused.

9. Restart your device

Perform the restart action to clear minor glitches on your device. 

You can now try testing the AirPods and see if it resolves the problem.

10. Reset your Airpods

You should also consider Resetting your AirPods to factory settings then try pairing it again.

This should resolve the issue in most cases.

11. Unpair Airpods from Other Devices

Your AirPods will keep Pausing if it’s trying to auto switch between an active device to a new device.

You can fix this by turning off the Bluetooth connection on those devices but if it’s a case where you’ll need the Bluetooth for another function then consider removing the AirPods from the device.

Also, you can switch off the auto-switching feature on your AirPods.

12. Update your Device OS

If you’re running on an outdated OS then you might notice cracking or pausing on your AirPods. Do well to download updates for your device.

13. Contact Apple Support

Finally, the last resort Is to tender your issue to apple support and they’ll help look into it.

You can reach them through their website or by visiting any apple store closest to you.

14. Change the Airpods

You can request a replacement if you’re under warranty or simply get yourself new AirPods from any store close to you.

Why do my AirPods keep pausing on Samsung?

One of the proven reasons why AirPods keep Pausing on Samsung devices is due to outdated firmware. You can try downloading an update for your Samsung device.

Other reasons for frequent pausing on a Samsung device include;

  1. Low battery
  2. Bluetooth Range
  3. Minor OS glitch
  4. Bluetooth connection
  5. Accidentally pressing on one of the Pods etc.

That’s it.

Emphasis on the last point, if you lay unconsciously on your AirPods while using it on your Samsung device.

It could activate the Bixby assistant thereby stopping your music in most cases.

You can also change your choice of the media player to avoid frequent pausing when audio is played on another app.


Why do my Airpods Keep Pausing Spotify?

If the automatic Ear detection feature is active on your iPhone device then your Spotify music will stop if you remove one Pod from your ears.

Also, make sure you’re running on the latest OS of your device.

That’s it.

Here are some of the causes and fixes to apply if your AirPods keep pausing randomly.

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