Venmo Transaction Declined: Try these Fixes

This article will teach you what to do if your Venmo Transaction(s) is declined.

Venmo reserves the right to decline any of your transactions ranging from sending, money transfers, and even purchases.

This is done in order to create a safe environment for other users send eliminate risks associated with any transaction.

So, if you got a message saying that your “Venmo Transaction declined please try again in a short while” then you’ll need to slow down.

This issue isn’t limited to Venmo but PayPal which serves as its parent company also displays this error including Cash App.

Notwithstanding, continue reading to see possible reasons why Venmo will decline your transaction.

Why is My Venmo Transaction Declined?

Your Venmo Transaction can be declined because of five major reasons.

Firstly, if you’re trying to transfer money to your bank and it's been declined, then it could be an issue with your bank or debit card.

Secondly, a declined payment could be a result of Venmo internal security checks especially when you’re performing a particular activity too or fast often thereby triggering Venmo automated security flags.

Also, it could also be a technical issue from Venmo which would require you to retry the transaction some other time.

Fourthly, you could be trying to initiate a transaction from a country different from the one where your Venmo account was opened.

Finally, your Venmo account might have reached the transaction limit and would require you to link your bank before you can continue using the platform.

Now that we’ve seen some of the common causes for payment declines on Venmo, let’s see how to get them fixed.

How to Fix Venmo Transaction Declined

If your transactions (sending or transfers) suddenly start declining on Venmo then you should try any of the below guides to resolve it.

1. Try the Transaction later

Don’t force a declined transaction as it will further increase your wait time especially when your account is on review.

After initiating a transaction twice and it declines, kindly log out of your Venmo account and Retry the transaction after 24 – 72 hours.

2. Move to your Default location and Device

Venmo will likely decline your transaction especially when you’re operating from a new device or region.

You can consider other alternatives until you return to your country or most times, Venmo will ask you to verify your identity.

A VPN might also help but it’s not totally advisable except when your life depends on it.

3. Link a Bank Account

If you haven’t linked a bank account or debit card to your Venmo then it’s time to do so in order to lift the preset limit placed on your account.

4. Check your Account Balance

If you’re trying to make a payment from your card and it’s been declined then you should check if you have enough balance to fund the transfer.

The same applies when making transfers from your Venmo balance.

5. Adjust your Transfer Amount

Venmo instant transfer allows you to send a maximum of $2,999.99 at once but the standard transfer has no limit.

So, if you’re making an amount higher than the preset limit on the instant transfer option then your transaction will surely decline.

6. Use a different payment method

If your Venmo transaction keeps declining then it’s time you get yourself a new debit card or send the transaction from your Venmo balance.

You can either Link the card to your Venmo account and Retry the transfer/payment or try the payment from the funds in your available Venmo balance.

Additionally, you can also link a prepaid card to your Venmo account and see if that works too.

7. Contact your Bank Support

If you’re making a payment from a card and it isn’t going through then you should reach out to your bank.

You can contact them by visiting any of their close branches or calling the phone number attached to the back of your card.

8. Contact Venmo Support

If the issue persists then you should reach out to Venmo support and they'll provide you the details of the action.

Although, Venmo might not be able to override or see the details of the transaction especially when it’s bank related.

They’ll just give you the perfect guide to get your payments to start responding.

9. Try other Payment Alternatives

If the transaction is an urgent one and needs to get accomplished on time then you should revert to either PayPal, Cash App, or Zelle.

PayPal is most recommended since the other two alternatives aren’t available in every country.

Once you’ve resolved the declination issue with your Venmo account then you can continue using it.

That’s it.

So whenever your Venmo gives you the “transaction declined please try again in a short while. apologies for the inconvenience"” error.

Kindly revert to this article to get it fixed without hassles.

How to Stop Venmo Transaction Declined,  please try again in a short while

  1. Maintain a positive buying and selling history
  2. Avoid chargebacks or reports to your account
  3. Refrain from receiving scam funds into your account.
  4. Keep your Venmo account up to date
  5. Avoid performing a particular action too much
  6. Heed to Venmo policies.


Venmo will always flag transactions that are suspected to be high risk. To eliminate the chances of this happening to you then you should heed Venmo policies.

Nevertheless, outlined above are some fixes you can deploy to resolve a declined transaction on Venmo.

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