Fix Calls goes Straight to Voicemail without Ringing on iPhone

If your calls go straight to voicemail without Ringing on your iPhone device then here are a few ways you can stop your phone calls from going to Voicemail. 

The reasons and fixes are quite similar for both Android and iOS devices since the major causes are either from the service provider or minor settings on your device. 

Also, most times the user might have blocked your number from reaching them, so your calls will be averted to voicemail. However, there are certain indicators to watch out for to determine if the voicemail is a block, signal problem or DND setting. 

Without wasting much time, let's see some of the reasons why your call goes straight to voicemail without ringing on your iPhone or Android. 

Reasons why Calls go straight to Voicemail on iPhone 

If a phone call doesn’t ring at all or rings for few times before going straight to voicemail, then here are nine things that might be the cause. 

1. The recipient device is OFF: If you’re calling someone and the call goes straight to voicemail then the device might be OFF at that moment due to a flat battery or emergency situations. 

Although in most cases, it should tell you that the device is switched off if the user has voicemail activated on their SIM then you should be redirected to leave a message via voicemail. 

2. Poor service reception at his/her location: Another reason why a call will be forwarded to voicemail is when there is a poor internet connection in the particular area the recipient is at.  

Your calls would continually be redirected to voicemail until they leave that area for better network coverage. 

3. Your number is on his/her block list:  If you have a conflict with the person you’re trying to reach and your calls are redirected to voicemail without ringing then you could be on the person’s block list. 

Also, there might also be a possibility that it was done while trying to make a call or find a particular setting on their device. 

4. Call forwarding activated by the User: Users can decide to activate the call forwarding feature on their device thereby redirecting all calls to voicemail or another number. 

Probably they’re in a meeting or something and they won’t like to be disturbed at work then you should try calling another time to check if they’ve disabled the feature. 

Though, some persons who aren’t familiar with their device can turn on the voicemail feature unknowingly. 

5. The recipient device is on Airplane Mode: Activating aeroplane mood is advised for resetting the network, blocking calls and also when on flights. However, you could be calling at the wrong time; maybe they're on a plane or they just activated the aeroplane mood to clear their network connection. 

6. The number has been temporarily disabled: Calls made to a number that has been suspended by its courier due to non-payment or any other reasons will be redirected to voicemail until the number is reinstated. 

7. Your call was Declined: A user can decide to decline your calls and send them to voicemail to show you that they’re either unavailable to pick up your calls at the moment or they don’t want to talk to you. 

8. Do Not Disturb (DND) is turned on: With do not disturb enabled on an iPhone device, all calls are routed directly to voice mail. You’ll be directed to drop a text or voice mail. 

There's also the silent mode feature which silences all incoming calls and notifications on your device. 

9. Misplaced Device: A misplaced device is almost the same thing as a dead phone since the SIM card is no longer present and most of your calls to the line will either forward you to voicemail or give you a switched-off response. 

How to Stop Phone Calls from Going Straight to Voicemail 

Having seen some of the reasons why your calls go straight to voicemail without ringing on iPhone and Android, let’s check out ways to stop calls from going to voicemail. 

This fixes works on all iPhone models, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Verizon, At&T and landlines inclusive. 

However, there’s little or nothing you could do if the person’s device is switched off other than to wait and try again later maybe the device would be charged. 

Call some other time 

If the recipient’s call is going straight to voicemail probably due to a low battery, poor network signal or DND mode then you should try calling another time to see if the call will go through. 

Call from Another Number

If the recipient has blocked you from calling him then your calls will likely be sent to voicemail without ringing. One of the efficient ways to confirm if it’s a block or a network issue is by calling from a line different from the one he/she knows. 

Also, that doesn’t mean you should stalk someone unnecessarily, but, this can be used in a case where you’ve been scammed. 

You can also check out the article on how to call a person that blocked your number

Send Text Messages 

If your calls keep going to voicemail then it's time you should try making use of iMessage or Normal Text Messages. 

So, whether he/she is on DND, aeroplane mode, flat battery or in a region where there’s a poor signal this SMS feature should help you get through to the person when everything is back to normal. 

Deactivate Airplane Mode 

If the airplane mode is on your device will rely on a WiFi connection making you unable to receive or make calls. 

So, if you’ve been receiving complaints that calls bring made to your phone go straight to voicemail without ringing then it’s time you should turn OFF the aeroplane mode feature. 

Turn off Do not Disturb (DND) 

Do not disturb will oftentimes avert all calls to your number to a voice mail prompt asking them to drop a voice message for you. 

To reduce the rate at which your calls are been moved to voicemail then it’s time to turn off DND mode when it’s not in use. 

Here’s how to turn off DND mode on your iPhone devices. 

  • Go to Settings > tap Focus 
  • Click on Do not Disturb  
  • Configure your options for notifications (OFF)

That’s it. 

Meanwhile for Samsung Users (Android) 

  • Go to settings 
  • Scroll to Notifications 
  • Select “Do not Disturb” from the list. 
  • You can now turn ON or OFF

You can also configure your schedule and exception from the settings. 

Turn off Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature redirects all calls to a specific number or to a voicemail message. You can also be directed to a voicemail if the user didn’t set up a call waiting while on call on their device. 

These features can be activated for selected persons but if configured wrongly can cause all incoming and outgoing calls to be averted to voicemail without ringing. 

To turn off call forwarding on your iPhone, do this. 

  • Go to Settings > Phone 
  • Click on call forwarding and configure it. 
Now, to turn OFF call forwarding for Android devices, we’re using Samsung as a case study. 
  • Open Phone > Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right-hand corner 
  • Select settings > Supplementary Services 
  • Select “Call Forwarding” from the list

Next, configure the forward options available – always forward, forward when busy, forward when unreachable, forward when unanswered – to none 

That’s all. 

Turn on Call Waiting  

At times, your calls will go straight to voicemail when you’re on a call if you don’t turn on the "call waiting" feature. 

The call waiting feature simply helps users wait for you ( if they can ) till you conclude with a call you’re already into when their call came in. 

Here’s how to switch on Call waiting on your iPhone device. 

  • Go to settings > locate Phone 
  • Click on call waiting and turn it on.

Remember, call waiting for only works for incoming calls. 

Also, you don’t necessarily need to turn on the call waiting feature on your Android device but you can still proceed to turn it on. 

  • Open Phone > Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right-hand corner 
  • Select settings > Supplementary Services 
  • Switch the toggle attached to “Call Waiting” ON. 

That’s it. 

Call a close Relative 

However, if the reason for making the call is very important then you can call a relative or close friend to the recipient who would then allow you to speak to them through their device. 

This is only achievable if you have a personal relationship with the recipient. 

Reach the Person on Social media 

People might change their phone numbers without informing you thereby making your calls go straight to voicemail without ringing.  

You could try reaching out to them on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or even telegram. 

Most persons have also lost their SIM but it’s still active on these platforms. 

Contact the service provider

If after trying any of the troubleshooting methods and your calls still hit the voicemail without ringing then it’s time to contact your service carrier to find out what’s going on. It could be that there’s a Carrier Settings update available. 

Alternatively, you could also try making a switch to another service provider company to see if your calls are still diverted to voicemail without ringing. 


You’ve got ten(10) ways to fix calls going straight to voicemail without ringing on your iPhone and Android devices. 

Calls Notations to Watch Out for 

Here are a few scenarios that will depict if your number has been blocked, the phone is switched off, the user has DND enabled or call forwarding is enabled on his device. 

  1. If a call rings and then Hangs up immediately then you’re blocked 
  2. If it rings once and goes to Voicemail then the phone is switched off. 
  3. If it rings forever without going to voicemail then your number is blocked. 
  4. If it goes straight to voicemail without ringing then the phone is either dead or out of network coverage 
  5. When it rings and then goes to voicemail then your call was declined. 

However, some of these notations can be easily deciphered at the time of making the call if you listen carefully. 


I know how you’re tired of hearing the voicemail message whenever you try to make calls from your iPhone or Android device especially when it is for urgent matters. 

That’s why I’ve compiled 10 fixes for you to choose from if your call goes straight to voicemail without ringing.

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