Why is One of my Airpods louder than the other? 10 Fixes

This article is going to provide you with 10 Fixes you can implement if one of your Airpods is louder than the other.

So, here’s a real encounter I had with my Airpods recently, I noticed the right one is louder than the left one; which implies that I can’t use the left AirPods independently.

I’ve tried all the hacks on how to make AirPods louder and none seems to work out until I found possible reasons and fixes for the differences in sound delivery.

Although,  a low AirPods volume is mostly caused by inadequate charging, dirt accumulation, rust and frequent falling too hard surfaces.

I’ll show you prevent hacks I used to get one of my AirPods to become loud as the other one making the sound balanced.

Without wasting much time, let’s see the reasons why one of your AirPods is quieter than the other one.

Why is one Airpods louder than the Other?

One or combination of more of the following could cause one of your AirPods to become quieter than the other one.

  • Frequent Falling of Airpods
  • Accumulation of ear wax in Earbuds
  • Dust and dirt accumulation on Earbuds
  • Rust and Green matters on Airpods Metal Connectors
  • Presence of Rust in the connector in the charging case

If any of your AirPods frequently falls from your hand then there could be a slight or permanent disconnection from the wires connecting the speaker. This will result in the AirPods producing low volume.

Also, the Presence of ear wax and clouds of dust and dirt on the entrance of the earbuds due to sweat could restrict how loud an earbud will sound. Although music quality too plays a role in this case.

Finally, the Presence of Rust or green matters on the metal Connectors on the AirPods and in the charging case will result in poor charging on 1 pod.

What to Do if One of Your Airpods is louder than the other

Here are some hacks you can lay your hands on if you notice one of your Pod is louder than the other one

1. Suck or Blow Air into the Pods

The easiest thing to first do is by forcing air into and outside the speaker of your pods to clear any blockage that might restrict the flow of sound.

The blown air will remove any dust or wax particles from the entrance of the earbuds.

2. Clean your AirPods (Pod)

Cleaning your AirPods helps remove dust and ear wax particles that have been stuck to the speaker and the metal connector.

You can use cotton wool, a tooth picker and a little methylated spirit to perform this – also, do well to minimize the use of the methylated spirit because it isn’t good for your device- to clean the pods all around.

  • Dip the cotton wool into the spirit while pressing out excesses
  • Gently wipe out the dust, rust and accumulated ear wax on the speaker and the metal connector beneath.
  • Now, use the tooth picker to remove any remaining particles that might have piled up at the corners of the earbud.

Also, make sure you clean out the green matters with the methylated spirit so that it’ll stop covering the metal connectors.

3. Clean your Airpods Charging Case

This involves using cotton wool soaked with a little amount of methylated spirit to clean the inner connector of the charging case.

You can also use dry cotton wool for this -  after which you can pick up a toothpick and cleans the surrounding of the case charging port from any dust or dirt particles.

 You can now try charging the AirPods for at least 20 mins and see if the problem is being resolved.

4. Unpair and Pair the Airpods

The sound might be faulty due to an error in the Bluetooth connectivity,  the best fix is to increase your volume, unpair the AirPods from the Bluetooth list and try pairing them again.

Simply navigate to your Bluetooth and forget the AirPods device then reconnect it after a few minutes and see if it works out.

5. Set up your Audio Balance

Audio balance helps control the amount of sound that gets into an AirPods. It’s advisable that you put the control in the middle.

Go to settings > Accessibility  > Audio and Visuals > Make sure the hearing balance slider is placed in the middle.

Reconnect your AirPods and see if you notice any difference in sound delivery.

6. Adjust Airpods in Charging Case

You can try removing your AirPods pods and quickly forcing them into the case.

This will force the connectors at the base of the AirPods to contact the charging pins of the pod fast.

Remember, undercharged AirPods will produce low sound than a fully charged one.

7. Reset Your Airpods

Resetting AirPods will take it back to default settings and unpair it from any previously paired devices.

Some AirPods come with a reset button at the back while others can be reset by performing basic tap actions.

You can reset an apple AirPods by tapping and holding the reset button located at the back until a white light starts blinking denoting a reset action has been successful.

However, on some AirPods, you can initiate a double tap action on both pods to reset them; refer to your AirPods manual for assistance.

8. Connect the Airpods to Another Phone

If the problem still persists then you should try connecting the AirPods to another device. If it works fine then there’s a setting you’ll need to tweak on your device.

You can now try Resetting your device settings or meet a phone technician for assistance.

9. Refer to your Airpods Manufacturer

If you’re using an Apple AirPods then you can refund the AirPods to the company and let their expert take a look at the issue for you.

They’ll provide you with a possible recommendation or likely resolve it for you, they can also change it if the AirPods are defective provided you have your warranty.

10. Change the Airpods

You can purchase new AirPods if you don’t want to go through the stress of contacting your AirPods manufacturer.

That’s it.

Try to charge defective pods after implementing any of the above fixes for maximum result.


Why is One Airpods louder than the Other?

If one AirPods is louder than the other then it could be a result of inadequate charging, dirt accumulation, rust and frequent falling on hard surfaces.

You can follow any of the above guides to fix them and get your AirPods back to normal.

Why are My Airpods not Charging?

You should check if your connector pin is intact and is free from rust and Green materials.

Cleaning the AirPods and the case with alcohol and cotton wool should help.


It’s quite weird for one of your pods to be louder than the other one thereby making music and video streaming unenjoyable.

Asides from this, unbalanced AirPods might result in ear defects due to the need to increase your volume beyond limits thereby forcing the sound to one ear.

Notwithstanding, Highlighted above are 10 fixes you can implement if one of your AirPods is louder than the other.

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