How to Earn Money on Tiktok Using Sound me is a legitimate A.I platform where TikTok influencers can earn money by creating promotional videos for artists.

Sound Me is owned by TikTok itself and can serve as another means of monetizing your account asides from receiving gifts from viewers on live streams.

The AI platform provides you with a sound and asks you to make a video with the sound after which you’ll paste the URL to the video in a given box and submit it.

The money will be deposited to your sound me account once the video has accrued a specified amount of views on TikTok.

You don't need to have tons of viewers on TikTok to participate on the platform, it works for accounts with both small and large followings.

Without wasting much time, let me show you all you need to know about sound me including its registration, getting new sounds and how to get paid on

What is Sound Me is an AI platform that pays you to create content using provided sounds from artists.

You’re eligible to use the sound me platform to earn as long as you’ve a TikTok account.

There are mainly 4 options once you log into your account; inbox, accepted, active and completed.

New Available sounds will be displayed in your inbox tab, the sounds will move to the accepted tab once you accept to make a video to them.

Active sounds are sounds that you’ve used and provided their links for verification meanwhile a completed tab is for tasks that have been verified and you’ve been paid for.

Before accepting a task on soundme, make sure you check out the number of views required before you can be paid and also check out if you can come up with any new concept for the sound.

This will help you gain more views in little time, get more view recommendations and also earn more.

How to Register for Sound me

At the time of publication, is only available on the web and doesn’t have an application.

Simply follow the below guide to get started on registering and earning with sound me.

Open your web browser

  • Go to website
  • Click on Sign In as a Creator
  • Log in using your TikTok account. You can also use the Facebook, Google, Twitter,  Apple and Instagram Option
  • Input your TikTok email/phone number or email address and password
  • Authorize the connection to complete the login
  • You can Sign up for a new TikTok account if you don’t have one

You should be directed to your sound dashboard where you can fill in your personal info, view your earnings and also make a withdrawal from your account.

How to Get Available Campaigns on will notify you of a new campaign in some cases while in some cases you’ll need to check them yourself by signing in to your account.

Also, there’s no special way to get new campaigns to your account since the platform is AI-based. So some high-paying campaigns will be based on eligibility.

The higher and faster you fulfil orders, the more you qualify for better campaigns which will result in higher earnings.

Nevertheless, here’s how to see Available Campaigns in your account.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the music icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen to see your inbox
  3. Available sounds should be displayed in this tab
  4. You can click on the 3 vertical lines at the top right corner of the screen to switch between Inbox, Accepted, active and completed options.

If the inbox section is blank then that implies that there’s no campaign or available campaigns have expired.

Also, do well to log in from the region you selected while creating your TikTok account to be able to see available Campaigns. There might be no campaign for you if you log in from an unverified location.

How to Complete a Campaign on Sound Me

Once you’ve accepted a campaign and it has been moved to the accepted tap, here’s all you need to do in order to complete the campaign and get paid.

  1. Under the accepted tab, click on a campaign
  2. Check the earnings, required views and attached sound
  3. Click on the TikTok icon beside it to be redirected to the TikTok app
  4. Make a video with the provided sound and upload it to your account
  5. Copy the link to the video from TikTok
  6. Paste the URL in the provided box in
  7. Finally, click on Submit

The video should be moved to the active tab and the earning would be credited to your account once it has been confirmed.

How to Get Paid on Sound.Me

At the time of publication, there’s no known threshold for withdrawal on sound me. I even withdrew $5 recently.

Payments can only be received using PayPal and Money for a sound can be withdrawn 3 days after a campaign is completed.

For this cause, you might notice that your earnings might be higher than your available balance.

Nevertheless, here’s how to get paid on the sound me digital platform.

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. You’ll see a $ Get Paid button under your available balance, click on it
  3. Input your PayPal address in the next tab and place your withdrawal.
  4. The payment should hit your PayPal account within 1 – 3 business days.

Sound me is working towards providing more payment methods to users but for now, PayPal is the only means you can get paid.

Here’s a screenshot of my payment on 28 July 2022.

How to Copy Tiktok Video link

Here’s how to copy the link to a TikTok video you did for a sound me campaign.

  • Login to your TikTok dashboard
  • Locate the video and click on it
  • Tap on the 3 dots on the right-hand side
  • Select the copy link from the share options.

The link will now be saved to your clipboard for sharing with your friends and pasting to your campaign.

How Do you Link Sound Me to TikTok?

You can link sound me to TikTok by clicking on sign up on the sound me website and creating an account using your TikTok email/phone number/username and password.

Tiktok will ask you to authenticate the linking and allow sound me to access your TikTok account.

What to do if my Payment was Reversed to My account?

If your payment was delayed and reversed to your sound me account then all you need to do is place another withdrawal request.

This usually occurs due to excess attempted fraudulent payout request which was scrutinized during the payout period.

You'll also get a mail update regarding the issue at hand.

Fix Tiktok Video is set to Private Error on Sound me

If you insert the URL to a video to a campaign and you keep getting video unavailable or set to private error then here’s why.

  • The video is still uploading
  • Your video privacy is set to private
  • Issues from the sound me

Submitting a link to a video that hasn’t finished uploading to sound me will likely give you this error since it isn’t available to other users yet.

Also, make sure to set your video privacy to the public so it can be visible to everyone on the TikTok app.

You can make your TikTok video public by clicking on the video > tap on the 3 vertical dots > slide through and click on “privacy settings” > set who can watch this video to “Everyone

Finally, the issue might be from soundme network, simply leave it and try submitting the link some other time. FAQs

How much can I make on

Payments on sound me are calculated based on your accrued views, followers and engagements within the 72 hours of review. Their earnings are calculated based on cost per view mile.

Is legit?

Yes, is 100% legit and pays its users through PayPal.

How can I contact

You can reach out to them for any inquiries by mailing them at hello at

How many videos can I submit per campaign? allows users to submit one video per campaign.

How long should I leave the video on my TikTok account?

Video curated on sound me for artists should stay on your account for at least 30 – 45 days from the day of publication on TikTok.

Doing anything other than this will reduce the possibility of your account qualifying for future campaigns.

What happens if I miss my campaign Deadline?

You won’t be paid for the campaign since missing a campaign is equivalent to not accepting it.

Do I earn a submission bonus on

Consistently attending to campaigns within 48 days of availability will prompt sound me system to add an incentivized bonus to your account.

Who owns Sound Me? is a sound promotion network developed by TikTok under SOUND, LLC. It enables artists to promote their music using the TikTok platform.

How are My Sound.Me earnings calculated? AI algorithm put the total views, Likes, shares, comments, and entire account engagement into consideration when checking your performance and payments.

That’s all you need to know about the sound platform, I’ll keep you updated if there’s anything new.


You can earn money to your PayPal account on the sound me platform if you don’t mind sharing promotional videos on your TikTok page.

Sound me works irrespective of the number of followings on your TikTok account, however,  you’ll need more engagements on your account to earn more.

You can learn how to earn free TikTok coins here.

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