How To Enable Dark Mode For TikTok on Android & iOS

Enabling dark mode on our device helps us reduce eye strain and increase our watch time, here’s a complete guide on how to turn on dark mode for TikTok on Android and iOS. 

Excess light to our face can cause problems to our eyes making it advisable for every mobile user to turn on the dark mode feature with the eye comfort shield to reduce eye strain. 

While some apps adapt to the mode our device is set to, other apps such as TikTok seem to set the light mode as default for its app, so the user would have to switch to dark mode at wish. 

However, there are some features on TikTok that are still in their beta test state and one of them is the dark mode feature for Android users

Fortunately, unlike other times when the android device gets the update first before iOS users; the TikTok dark mode feature is only made available for iPhones and beta testers using Android devices. 

Nevertheless, let’s discuss alternative methods to enable dark mode for Android users and also the normal way to go about it for iOS users. 

Enabling Tiktok Dark Mode on Android 

As of the time of publication, TikTok hasn’t rolled out the dark mode feature to android users because it’s still in the beta state and only available for TikTok beta testers. 

However, you can also turn on turn on dark mode on your Android device UI and it’ll serve as a default theme on your Tiktok app. 

Here’s how to turn on dark mode on Android for TikTok 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Display 
  • You can now select “Dark Mode” from the options 

The dark theme selected from the settings will be applied to the most supported apps such as – WhatsApp, Tiktok and Telegram – If otherwise is the case then you’ve to wait for TikTok to unveil the dark mode feature for Android users. 

Enabling Tiktok Dark Mode for iPhone (iOS) 

Since the dark mode feature is available for Tiktokers using iOS devices then it shouldn't be stressful to activate the feature. 

This will make your Tiktok interface turn dark even if your iPhone device isn’t set to dark mode. It works for all iPhones and iPads. 

Also, make sure your iOS device is running on version 13 and above with the latest update of TikTok installed on it. 

  1. Login to your Tiktok account 
  2. Click on the Profile/Me icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen to open your dashboard 
  3. Touch the 3 lines in the top right corner 
  4. Tap on Settings and Privacy from the options 
  5. Click on “Dark Mode” under the “content and activity“ section 
  6. Select Dark to switch to the TikTok dark mode

Also, you can choose to use device settings by toggling on the switch below the light and dark mode options. 

You can now enjoy your Tiktok videos without having to stress your eyes but note that the dark mode won’t change colours in the media displayed on videos. 

How To Turn On Dark Mode On TikTok For Samsung Phone

Samsung users also fall under android users but their settings might differ in some cases, so if you’re a Samsung user and you’d like to enable the dark mode feature on your Tiktok app then here’s a guide for you. 

  1. Glide down from your screen to show the control panel of your Samsung device. 
  2. Scroll till you see a 🌙 shape  
  3. Click on it and dark mode will be activated. 

You can repeat the above step to switch back to light mode without necessarily opening your settings app. 

Now, open your Tiktok and see if the dark system UI is applied to the TikTok app on your phone. 

How to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone (iOS)

This is a bonus subheading for those who choose to allow TikTok to use their device settings to manage the apps’ mode. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to switch to dark mode on your iPhone device. 

  • Open the Settings app 
  • Tap the display and brightness  
  • Enable the “Dark” option under the appearance section 

Your device appearance should now tune dark – including TikTok – if you selected the use device settings while setting up dark mode. 

Enable Tiktok Dark Mode on PC 

Since TikTok can only be accessed from the web on a PC, there’s no proven way to activate dark mode on a PC yet. 

However, you can turn on dark mode on TikTok from the browser settings without using any third-party app. 

  1. Open a PC browser 
  2. Navigate to Settings 
  3. Change the theme to “Dark” under the appearance section 
  4. Restart the PC browser 

Depending on your browser, all websites and tabs should now be shown to you in dark mode. 

You can also install an extension for your browser called “turn off the lights”, the extension allows you to turn on dark mode for a web page once it’s fully set up. 

Although this doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work for all browsers, the best way to enjoy the dark mode on TikTok is by switching to an iOS device. 

When is Dark Mode coming to Tiktok Android? 

We can’t say for sure when TikTok will unveil dark mode for its Android users but there are rumours that its beta testers are already enjoying the feature low-key. 

So, it’s best to continue managing the light mode till when they finally roll out the dark mode feature for all android users. 

Also, do well to always keep your Tiktok app updated so you don’t miss out on the dark mode feature when it’s eventually unveiled. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope this article has taught you how to make your Tiktok switch to dark mode on Android and iOS. 

Also, we’ll try as much as possible to update this article whenever TikTok decides to roll out dark mode for its Android users. 

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