Venmo There Was an Issue With your Payment: 9 Fixes

There’s no greater joy than getting a successful payment notice on your Venmo Payments. However, from time to time, users may encounter an issue with their payment.

These payment issues could arise due to several reasons, such as a problem with the issuing bank, a problem with the recipient account, a Venmo automated security red flag, a lack of funds, or a technical issue with the Venmo app.

Venmo is a popular mobile payment service in the USA that allows users to easily send and receive money with friends and family.

However, just like other financial platforms, Venmo is prone to encounter errors either due to issues from the user side or from the Venmo platform itself.

In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons why Venmo will notify you that there was an issue with your payment and how to resolve them.

Why is Venmo saying there was an issue with my payment?

As discussed earlier, Venmo can give you a “there was an issue with your payment” error due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Insufficient Funding
  2. Venmo Automated Red Flags
  3. Bank or Card Issues
  4. Venmo Account limitations
  5. Account Payment limits
  6. An Issue with the Recipient Account
  7. Technical issues with the Venmo app or servers
  8. Network Troubles

1. Insufficient Funding

If you’re trying to send an amount greater than the money in your Venmo balance, bank or card then you should get this error message.

Ensure that the total amount you’re trying to send is equal to or greater than the amount on your Venmo account to avoid having issues with your payment.

2. Venmo Automated Red Flags

Sometimes, Venmo tends to place security checks on payments that are suspected to be high risk thus keeping the payment on hold for up to 24 or 72 hours.

It's important to note that the payment doesn’t have to be in your pending balance before concluding that it’s been checked by the system.

This is because I’ve seen scenarios where a fund is in the available balance but can’t be used for anything until 24 hours from the time of receiving the payment.

So, all you’ve to do is to be patient and try making the payment after some time.

3. Bank or Card Issues

Also, banks or card issuers might decline a payment or transaction when the card is either expired or they don’t operate with a particular merchant.

You can try changing your funding source or contact the bank for the details on why the payment was declined.

4. Venmo Account limitations

If your Venmo account has been temporarily or permanently limited, there could be limitations to activities you can initiate on that account.

Venmo could rip off your ability to send, request or even receive payment from others until you resolve the issues with your account.

5. Account Payment Limits

For each account, Venmo has a sending, receiving, and withdrawal limit of between $300 to $7000 weekly attached to them. Specifics as to how you can increase your transaction limits are often suggested on your account dashboard.

You can upgrade your account transaction limits or wait until the next week, month or year for the limit to reset.

6. An Issue with the Recipient Account

As said earlier, Venmo could seize your ability to receive payments by limiting your account. So, you've to reach out to the recipient so they can settle their difference with Venmo and get their account back to normal.

Alternatively, you can request new Venmo details to proceed with the payment.

7. Technical issues with the Venmo app or servers

Venmo server or app might encounter downtime or technical issues that only need your patience until they resolve it.

8. Network Troubles

Venmo makes use of internet connectivity to process transactions. Ensure that you’re connected to a stable network and try making the payments once again.

These are all possible reasons why Venmo is saying there was an issue with your payment.

How to Fix Venmo There Was an Issue With your Payment

Here are possible things you can try to lift the error message of making payments on Venmo.

Check your Funding Source

It’s important to check if the money in your funding source is enough to complete the payment you’re about to initiate.

Venmo also has the option to select a funding source while making payments. So, you can use your card if the money in your Venmo balance won’t cover the payment.

Failure to do this will typically display an error message indicating a problem with the payment and that you will need to add funds to your account to complete the transaction.

Wait before making the payment

Once you receive a payment in your Venmo account, sending it out immediately might not always be successful.

This is because Venmo's security red flag might place the payment on hold even while it’s still in your available balance. The wait can last between 24 hours to 72 hours before the fund will be available for use.

The specifics of how Venmo's automated system works aren’t disclosed yet but it's advisable that you wait if you’ve tried sending out newly received money once and the transaction was blocked.

Also, the Venmo app could be experiencing an interruption in service which would require you to be patient until it’d resolved.

Contact the bank or card issuer

There are varieties of reasons why a bank or card issuer might decline payments, and these reasons aren’t disclosed to Venmo.

If you have sufficient funding in your bank or card and the payment is still been declined, then you should contact the bank for more information.

They’ll provide you with more information regarding your payment, including how to resolve it.

Venmo Account Limitation

If your Venmo account has been temporarily or permanently limited, you might find it difficult to process a payment.

In the case of a temporal limitation, you can follow the instruction on your Venmo account to lift the limitations.

However, if it’s a permanent limitation, you must resort to other payment sources now.

Contact the Account Owner

If there’s a problem with the recipient's account probably because the account is closed, permanently limited, or the recipient's account is not properly set up.

Venmo will display an error message indicating a problem with the recipient account whenever you’re trying to pay for their account.

In this case, you’ve to contact the recipient and inform them of the issue you’re experiencing so that they can take a closer look at their Venmo account status.

They could also contact Venmo support to help them with the particular reason why payments aren’t coming to their account.

Check your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not stable then you should consider connecting to a stable network before trying to make the payment again.

An unstable connection might also give you the error message meanwhile the transaction was successful. So, ensure you check your history before you try it again with a better network.

Check if Venmo Server is Down

Venmo servers might run into downtime breeding troubles for users while trying to make payments.

This could be an interruption in service on their mobile app or website.

So, all you need to do is give it some time before you retry the payment.

Update the Venmo App

If you’re using an outdated Venmo app then you should consider downloading an update from the app store.

You can also consider clearing the cache of the Venmo app by going to the settings > App > Tap on Venmo > Storage and then clear the Cache.

Now, retry the transaction and see if it goes through.

Increase your Venmo Account Limit

Venmo requires you to perform certain actions to lift the preset limit on your Venmo account after some time. These actions might be to link a debit card or bank.

If you’ve reached the sending and receiving limit for new unverified accounts, you should start having issues with future payments.

This is just a notice that you should link a debit card to unlock the next level of KYC. You can link a debit card or bank account to verify your identity.

You can unlink these details afterward but your Venmo account will remain verified, and your payment limits will be lifted.

Contact Venmo Support

The last resort on our list is to reach out to Venmo support from your account message center or through their help forum.

You can visit their website at and search for related queries or submit a support request via this link – Submit a Venmo Request.

They should provide you with the exact specifics as to why your payment is being declined and how to fix the issue.

That’s all you need to do if you encounter “there’s an issue with your payment” on Venmo.


Can Venmo be hacked by sending money?

No, Venmo can’t be hacked by sending money. However, your Venmo account can be hacked if your click on any link in your email notifying you of the received payment.

So, while Venmo can’t be hacked by sending money; your Venmo account can be hacked if you don’t enact security measures.

Will Venmo refund money if scammed?

No, Venmo will not refund money if the payment was made from your Venmo account. However, you can contact your bank to file a dispute if the transaction was made from your bank or card.

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