Does Chime Work with Zelle?

A straightforward answer to whether chime works with Zelle is Yes, and here’s how they work.

Chime is a popular online banking platform that offers a range of financial services to its customers, including checking and savings accounts, debit cards, and direct deposit. It helps in managing your finances.

Zelle on the other hand is a digital payment platform that allows users to easily send and receive money from other users, regardless of whether they have a Chime account or not.

Chime as a financial technology company offers you the convenience and ease of accessing your money from any traditional bank.

This implies that Chime works with Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and other online banking platforms in the USA.

To use Zelle with your Chime account, simply locate the “send money with Zelle” option from the menu, input the user's email address or phone number followed by the amount, and then tap the send box.

In this article, we will further discuss how to use Zelle from your Chime account and its limitations.

Does Chime Work with Zelle?

The short answer is yes; Chime customers can use Zelle to send and receive money. However, it’s not possible to directly send money from Zelle to Chime because Zelle only works with banks that have physical structures.

However, there are a few things that you need to know to use Zelle with Chime.

  • There are no fees attached when sending money from Zelle using chime
  • You must have a Chime account and should have enrolled in online banking
  • Interested persons must have a U.S bank account
  • You can only send $500 weekly
  • Your transactions are encrypted
  • Ease of making payments.

While the advantages of using Zelle with Chime are more than the demerits, it won’t favor those who make a huge transaction because of the weekly sending limit of $500.

You can try working with other banks to get a larger transaction limit of between $3000 to $3,500.

In addition, you can link your chime debit card to your Zelle account to make payments or purchases.

How Does Chime Work With Zelle?

Most users don’t know how Chime works with Zelle and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this section.

  • Firstly, navigate to to enroll with your personal information to get a free chime visa debit card
  • Now, download the chime app from the app store. You can also enroll using the chime app.
  • Fill in the information you created in step one to sign in to your chime account.
  • Now, locate the “send money with Zelle” option from the navigation menu.
  • Input the user's email address or phone number to proceed.
  • Type the amount you want to send and tap on “SEND”

That’s all.

To use your chime debit card on your Zelle account, simply locate the “where do you bank” option on your dashboard and fill in the chime debit card information to the required fields.

You can now send money from Zelle using your chime balance.

Differences Between Chime and Zelle

Here are some of the differences between Chime and Zelle.

Chime allows direct deposits and withdrawalsZelle doesn’t allow any of these.
Chime doesn’t have charges attached to its transactionZelle charges a small fee for every transaction.
Chime gives a free debit card to its usersZelle doesn’t give debit cards.
Chime uses a peer-to-peer mode of payment which means that users don’t need to have a bank before they can send or receive money from other usersZelle uses a bank-to-bank payment system which means that users must be enrolled in a compatible bank before they can use the platform.
Chime has a card spending limit of $2,500 dailyZelle's limit ranges from $2,500 to $5000 depending on the bank.


That’s all.

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