How to Print Front and Back on Google Docs

While printing any project written on Google Docs, consider saving costs by printing on the front and back of the paper. This process is called double-sided printing or duplex printing.

Aside from saving costs, double-sided printing helps you achieve a lighter output and makes storing books easier. However, the printer's capability may also determine how this feature works.

Multi-function printers may automatically print the words on both sides of the paper without your input, unlike their counterparts, which require you to manually turn the papers front and back at intervals.

So, if you followed the below instructions and didn't find the "print on both sides" option, you need to check your printer's manual to be sure it can do it.

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How do I print front and back on Google Docs?

  1. Visit or Google Drive and Open the document you want to print.
  2. Click on "File" at the top right corner of the screen to bring up options.
  3. Tap "Print" or hold "Ctrl + P" to bring out the print preview.
  4. Select a printer
  5. Open the "Print Settings". This is usually a drop-down option on the printing interface. It allows you to choose the orientation, paper size, color, number of copies, etc.
  6. Find the "Double-sided" option and change it from "None" to "Flip on long edge" or "Flip on short edge."
  7. Preview your settings and click on "PRINT".

That's all.

If you don't see "double-sided" on the print settings, look for terms like "print on both sides" or "duplex printing." Also, don't forget to check your printer's manual for instructions on printing on both sides of the paper.

Also, remember I said the model of the printer being used determines the availability and usage of this feature. If this is the case, upgrade or switch to a different one.

Don't forget to preview before printing.


Why won't Google Docs print double-sided?

Google Docs won't allow double-sided printing if you aren't connected to a compatible printer. Select the correct printer and check your manual to confirm it supports duplex printing.

How can I print both sides, front and back?

To print front and back on a paper, open the document > go to file > select print > choose a printer > go to print settings and change the double-sided printing from "none" to "flip on long edge"> preview and print.

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