Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received? Try this Fixes

If your Cash App payment status is completed on your end but the recipient hasn’t received the payment, here are some fixes you can deploy.

There are a couple of factors that can trigger a cash app payment to display as completed on your account while it hasn’t been fulfilled in reality.

At times, The problem might not be from your end but from that of the recipient

Some of these factors include;

  • Poor Internet connection
  • The receiver needs to accept payment
  • Making a payment to a wrong cash tag/ email or phone number
  • Cash App server
  • The receiver doesn’t have a cash app yet
  • Fraudsters format and
  • Cash app account reached Daily or monthly limit

Trying to make a payment on Cash App without a stable Internet connection will require extra time for the payment to reflect in the recipient's account.

In other cases, the recipient must have provided a detail that isn’t registered with Cash App yet and would need to create an account to accept the payment.

You can also cross-check the cash tag you made the payment if it’s the correct address or a problem with Cash App servers.

A cash app payment will not also likely go through for all users even if its status is completed due to a poor server at the time of making payment.

In addition, try making payments to only verified sources because scammers or fraudsters might devise this method of denying having received a payment to drain you of multiple funds.

Notwithstanding, let’s show you how to resolve the issue of cash app payments completed but not received.

How Long does it Take for Cash App to Complete a Transaction?

Under good circumstances,  a cash app payment takes almost immediately to be completed except in some cases where you’ll need to take action by accepting the payment.

Read on to learn how to clear a cash app payment that hasn’t been received after the status changed to completed.

How to Fix Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received

A payment that isn’t received might likely not be a fault from your end since the recipient action or cash app server contributes more to this.

Here are quick fixes to try if your cash app payment(s) changed completed but the receiver is yet to receive the payment.

1. Check your Internet Connection

A bad internet connection on the recipient device will delay how fast a fulfilled transaction will appear in their cash app history.

You can advise them to switch to a WiFi network or turn the Airplane mood on and off to reset their network.

They can now refresh their cash app account and see if the transaction comes up in their activity history.

2. Wait some more

If the problem is from the Cash App server then you have to wait until the issue is resolved.

Other users will likely be affected and since Cash App is aware of the downtime, you don’t have to worry much.

3. The Recipient needs to Accept the Payment

In rare cases, the recipient will be required to accept the payment for security purposes. 

Failure to accept a cash app payment will display the transaction as completed on your end but it won’t be also available to the receiver till he/she accepts it.

Although accepting a payment doesn’t guarantee that the payment will be successful, its status could also change to fail after it's been accepted.

Not everyone is used to this action but here’s a quick guide on how to accept a pending payment.

  • Go to your Cash App activity history
  • Click on a transaction from the pending list to open it
  • Click on the “Accept the payment” option
  • Wait for the payment to be deposited into your Cash App account.

Remember I said this doesn’t guarantee that a payment will be successful, cash app can also decide to cancel the payment for your security.

That’s it the cash app payment hasn’t been claimed by another person.

4. Make sure you paid the correct cash tag/Phone number/email address

It could also be that you missed a letter while inputting the recipient details or the recipient sent the wrong details.

If this is the case then you can try requesting a chargeback and find a way to settle with the original owner.

5. The recipient needs to Open a Cash App Account

Making payments to a number or email address that isn’t registered to Cash App will put the payment on completed for 90 days before it’ll be refunded if not accepted.

Let the recipient simply locate the email from Cash App about a pending payment and click on the link to create an account and add the cash likewise.

6. Review Funding Source

This issue might be from the funding source, banks servers or networks might be slow in processing payments.

So, give it some more time or contact your bank for assistance.

7. Update your cash app

While this isn’t the main cause, you might consider updating your cash app from the play store or app store.

You can also try closing and reopening the app and then deleting its cache to make the cash app start working.

8. Restart your device.

You might consider restarting your device to clear the logged cache on it.

9. Beware of fraudsters

This is just a warning to beware of scammers claiming to be money flippers or the like.

They’ll ask you to send let’s say $15 and they’ll get it to $30 for you in minutes which might be successful.

Once you send them a huge amount for doubling, they’ll deny ever seeing the funds thereby urging you to make a second payment.

And at this point, there might be no way to get back your payments.

10. Contact cash app support

The last fix is by contacting Cash App to help confirm if the payment is successful.

You can reach out to their support from your account settings > Support > then start a chat.


How do I know if my Cash App payment was received?

A completed and received cash app payment will be moved to the completed tab in your completed activity list.

You can also expand a payment by clicking on it.

Can I cancel a Cash App Payment?

A cash app payment can only be cancelled if it's still pending, however, since cash app payments are completed almost immediately it’s almost impossible to cancel them.


A Cash app payment that the status is completed but not received can be quite frustrating especially when you discover that you just fell into a scammer's trap.

Highlighted above are 10 tried and trusted ways to confirm the status of a completed cash app payment.

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