Cash App Pending Payment Will Deposit Shortly (12 Fixes)

Frequent users of the Cash App should have come across the “cash app pending payment, will deposit shortly” notice when some payments are made.

Usually, the message that should come up when you sent a payment should be “You sent $500 to Lukas Technologies” which is quite clear that the payment has been processed immediately.

Cash-App mostly tells users that a payment is pending and will deposit shortly when the network signal is weak, the cash app server is down or they’ll need the receiver to accept the payment.

This means that the payment could be moved to the completed status once you click “OK” attached to the pending notification.

This notice isn’t something to be bothered about since it’s just cash app bots making sure every condition to initiate the payment is intact.

This pending payment notification can also be seen by those applying for government stimulus, loans, tax refunds, benefits or paychecks.

Nevertheless, I’ll show you what to do if your cash app payments keep on telling you “Pending payments will deposit shortly”.

What does it mean when it says payment will deposit shortly?

If you get a notification saying “Cash App Pending Payment Will Deposit Shortly,” it means that your payment is been processed and will be completed soon.

You don’t have to fret, simply give it some time to clear itself.

Why is my Cash App Payment Pending, Will Deposit Shortly?

The main cause of a pending Cash app payment is poor internet coverage, a bad Cash app server, and when Cash App is waiting for the recipient to take action by accepting the Pending payment.

Here’s a detailed list of why your cash app payment will pend.

  • Poor Internet connection to complete the transaction
  • Cash App server is down
  • Waiting to Accept the cash app Payment
  • Bank networks
  • Account approaching weekly/monthly limit
  • Verification issues
  • Active VPN connection
  • Funding Source

When you make any transaction on Cash App – deposit, sending, etc. – with a poor internet connection, you’ll see a “pending payment or deposit will be completed shortly” message.

This is because there’s not enough network signal to complete the transaction at that time thereby Pending the transaction until a stable connection is available.

Also, a general server glitch could make your payments keep Pending irrespective of your account status and location.

You can also ask the receiver if the payment needs to be accepted on his /her end for clarity.

Finally, if your cash app account needs verification or is associated with frequent chargebacks, Cash app will likely put your payments on pend to scrutinize them.

What to do if Cash App payment is still Pending, Will be Deposited Shortly

As said earlier, there’s no guarantee that a pending Cash app will be completed, it is also prone to failure.

Nevertheless,  here are some fixes to check out.

1. Wait some more time

If it’s a server issue then you should consider giving the payment sometime to move to the completed status.

Although it shouldn’t take a whole day, Cash app would normally notify you once the outage has been cleared.

2. Ask the recipient to accept the Payment

You should ask the receiver to check for any payment in his pending activities and accept it.

This mostly occurs when cash app bots are examining a particular cash app account – it could be yours or that of the sender.

All that’s needed is to click on the transaction from the activity history and accept it to add the cash to their cash app account.

3. Connect to a Stable Internet connection

You should consider switching to a stable internet or wifi connection to complete the initiated payment.

Since Cash App works using your internet signals, it’ll need a stable one to perform any transaction.

Having a good internet connection will speed up the rate at which your transaction is completed.

4. Poor Bank Network 

If you’re making a cash app payment from a linked bank account or card then your payment might be on pend.

You should consider funding your cash app balance before making the payment or wait for your bank to complete the transfer.

5. Account approaching limit

If your account is approaching its weekly or monthly limit then your payment will likely be pending more often.

You can try increasing your account limit.

6. Verify your Cash App Account

If you send payment to an unverified cash app account then most of your payments will likely be pending and might be deposited when they accept them.

Verification will also be required if cash app bots notice multiple security threats attached to your account.

You can go to your cash app support to see if your account needs verification.

7. Disconnect VPN Connection

If your using a VPN connection for any reason and you make a payment, especially when in an unsupported region, your cash app payment might be put on pend.

Simply disconnect your VPN connection and see if the payment is successful.

8. Check Funding Source

You can also consider checking if the debit card linked to your cash app is still valid and not expired.

9. Insufficient Cash App Balance

Having an Insufficient balance will cause Cash app to place your transaction on pending to complete it later when your account is funded.

So, make sure the amount you’re sending is equivalent to the amount on your cash app balance.

10. Close and Open a new cash App Account

This is only advised when your payments don’t only pend but also fail when accepted. The issue could be both ways though.

11. Ask the receiver to send you $1

Asking the recipient to send you $1 will create a connection between both cash app accounts thereby eliminating the possibility of a pending payment in the future.

So long as you have a good network, cash and cash app server is up, your payments will be auto-completed.

12. Contact Cash App support

Cash app support will provide you with the specific troubleshooting you’ll need to implement to make your payment auto-completed once more.

You can contact them by going to your account settings > Support and then start a live chat with the Cash App support.

How to Prevent Payment Will be Deposited Shortly Message on Cash App.

I’ll list out some security measures you can take to prevent your cash app payments from being pending.

  • Have a stable Internet connection
  • Avoid performing fraudulent activities with your cash app account
  • Prevent excess chargebacks on your account
  • Address any chargeback on your account


Why didn't my Cash App instantly deposit?

Cash app Instant deposit network isn’t readily supported by all debit cards. So cash app might process your payment using the basic deposit instead.

You can check out all you need to Know about activating instant deposit here.

How long does it take for a pending transaction to go through?

A pending payment usually takes immediate to 73 hours to show as completed but it could take longer depending on the merchant.

Can you cancel a pending Cash App payment?

Yes, as a matter of fact, this is the only time you get to rethink your actions. You can cancel the payment by taping on the payment and clicking “Cancel”.

Does pending mean it went through?

No, a pending transaction means that a payment hasn’t been fully processed and will need you or the receiver to take action to complete it.

Do pending transactions always go through?

Yes and No, this is decided by the Cash App security system but if both accounts are in good standing then it increases the probability of it being completed.

Wrapping Up

If you send a payment on Cash App and it displays a “payment pending, will deposit shortly“ message then you don’t need to fret.

Simply make sure one or more of the 12 fixes are followed to clear your cash app money off the pending state.

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