How to Hide Apps on Samsung

One of the greatest flex of an android device is its ability to put apps in hidden locations, here’s a detailed guide on how to Hide Apps on a Samsung device.

Unlike most android devices, you don’t need to download third-party apps to hide apps on your device, well; except you want to hide other file types too – Calculator Vault App

Just by navigating to the setting on your settings app and then selecting apps you want to be hidden. Those apps will disappear from your home screen and sometimes from the search result(s).

However, there have been some minor glitches that come with hiding apps using this method, especially on Samsung A52, s9, s10, a11, s7, and couples of other series.

Hidden apps now appear in search results and even as “search in-app” results making them easily accessible by a second party.

Nevertheless,  there’s a simple solution on how you can stop these app suggestions and select where you want your search results to come from.

We’re going to cover all this in this article so that you can efficiently hide apps on your Samsung device without fear of people prying on you.

Hide Apps on Samsung – A Detailed Guide

Hiding apps on a Samsung device might differ for each device but I’ll walk you through a more simple way of making your apps invincible.

  • Go to the Settings app on your Samsung Device
  • Scroll down and select “Home Screen” from the options
  • Click on “Hide Apps
  • Tick any app you want to be Hidden from the list of available Apps
  • Click on “Done” to finalize.

You’ve successfully hidden those apps on your Samsung device (home screen), now let’s confirm that they aren’t going to display when users search for them using the search box.

  • Go to your Samsung home screen
  • Type in a hidden app name in the search box I.e “Cash App” and search
  • Check if the hidden app will come up as a “suggestion” or “search in app” in the displayed search result(s).

If the app doesn’t come up on the search result page then you’re good to go but if otherwise is the case.

You’ll need to proceed with the below guide to permanently stop hidden apps from displaying on search results.

How to Stop Hidden Apps from Showing on Search Results on Samsung

This is just a minor setting that requires you to tweak the "Finders settings” and take control of what results are displayed when you search on your Samsung device.

You’ll also get the option to choose which app to search in and other related search setups.

Without wasting much time, let’s see how to Stop Hidden Apps from appearing in our search results.

  1. Go to your settings app on your Samsung phone
  2. Search for “Finder Settings” using the search icon
  3. Now, turn OFF the “Show Hidden Apps”, and “Show Suggested App”  toggles
  4. Click on the “Choose Apps to Search In” option inside the Finder settings
  5. Turn off the “Settings”, “Contacts” and “My Files” App from the Apps to Search In.
  6. You are now set to go.

You can navigate to your homepage and search for any hidden apps and confirm for yourself that they won’t appear on the search results ever again unless the settings are tampered with.

Also, the most important options to be toggled off from the above guidelines are the “Show Hidden apps” and the “Settings” app. The rest are solely based on preference.

That’s it.

Video Illustration

How do you find a hidden app on Samsung?

You can find Hidden Apps on a Samsung device by going to Settings > Apps and then you can access all installed apps on the device.

Alternatively, you can proceed to Google play store > Click on the Google profile > Manage Apps and Device > Navigate to the manage tab to view all installed apps.

You can also go to the Samsung store > Click on the menu section > My Apps and you’ll find a list of all installed apps on your Samsung.


Hiding apps on your android device – Samsung in this context – is the ideal way to keep sensitive apps away from the home screen.

Follow the above illustration to perfectly hide apps on Samsung devices.

You can also review the attached video for visual guidance.

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